How many calories does physical exercise burn?

There is no doubt that we are in full operation bikini, a very important stage for many people, especially for those who exceeded in the consumption of certain products during the holidays and want, or want at all costs, get ready to reduce the Weight and look an enviable figure before the start of summer vacation.

Although we should always keep in mind that weight loss should be progressive but maintained over time, not advisable to follow weight loss diets considered "miracle", which only endanger our health.

For lose weight in a healthy way, it is best to follow a balanced diet, based on healthy foods and never eat too much, so we should eat 5 times a day but always small amounts (that is, not repeat a second time, do not wait until we feel full ...).

But if you want to lose weight with health, there is no doubt that another fundamental element is the physical exercise, since it helps us to enjoy good health while we enjoy the main ones benefits of the exercise. But How many calories does it burn?.

Calories burned according to physical exercise

Although it is true that calories burned according to the physical exercise that we practice It will depend directly on how long your practice lasts, on average you can establish a certain number of calories consumed during your practice:

  • Jogging: 450 calories.
  • Go fast: 150 calories.
  • Swim: 250 calories.
  • Rollerblading: 320 calories.
  • Bike: 200 calories.
  • Pilates: 90 calories.

Regarding the practice time, although it is advisable to reach 60 minutes, from the half hour (30 minutes) is when more fat is burned.

Therefore, if it is the first time you start to practice physical exercise, the ideal is to start 15 or 20 minutes the first week, then increase this time as the days go by and your body gets used to it.

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How Many Calories Does Weight Training Burn ? | Bodybuilding Q&A's (May 2023)