How many calories the mushrooms bring

Now that we are in the middle of November there is no doubt that it is time to mushrooms, those wonderful mushrooms that we can pick at the foot of trees and that from a nutritional point of view are especially rich in proteins of high biological value, minerals (such as phosphorus, potassium and iron) and vitamins (A, B1, B2 , B3, B6 and C). Although as with most foods, the nutritional value differs from one mushroom to another.

When it comes to picking mushrooms we must remember that we can find toxic and dangerous varieties for our health, so a basic recommendation is to know which mushrooms are edible, and above all to keep in mind which toxic varieties can actually be confused with edible options .

With regard to the caloric intake of mushrooms the truth is that, in general, not only are foods really low in fat, but also provide very small amounts of calories, so they can be consumed in low-fat diets that pursue the goal of losing weight.

Calories of mushrooms or fungi per 100 grams of food


Calorie content
(100 gr.)


35 kcal


25 kcal


15 kcal


27 kcal


23 kcal


56 kcal

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