How many times is it normal to go to the bathroom to evacuate a day and a week

More and more people are suffering from occasional constipation, which can appear in certain circumstances and then disappear with the passage of days or weeks. In this sense we must keep in mind that constipation is a condition in which you tend to have a bowel movement less than three times a week. That is, there are no frequent depositions, with less than three weekly depositions. It is also common for evacuation to be carried out with difficulties, due to the presence of hard stools or difficult to evacuate, presenting pain while stool is evacuated, or is unable to have a bowel movement after pushing or forcing.

The evacuation of the stool consists of the last step of the food through our digestive tract, leaving our body through the rectum and anus. These stools are composed of what remains after the digestive system absorbs both nutrients and fluids from what we eat and drink.

Sometimes different problems or conditions may arise that ultimately negatively affect this process. We can mention constipation on the one hand, about which we already echoed at the beginning of this note, and the diarrhea on the other, which occurs when the stool passes through the large intestine very quickly.

There are also other related conditions, such as the one known as fecal incontinence, which is a problem to control the evacuation of fecal matter.

The most usual thing is that doubts arise related to the frequency of evacuation, especially to be able to discover if in reality we suffer from constipation or not. Before knowing how often we should go to the bathroom to evacuate, we must keep in mind that the stools considered as normal are different for each person, so that some people do not have bowel movements every day and that does not mean they suffer from constipation, while they may have white stools and that does not mean they have diarrhea.

With this in mind, we must bear in mind that the number of times we should go to the bathroom varies every day. As many doctors say, on average it is normal to go up to 2 or 3 times per day, basically after every meal.

However, if you do not go every day you should not worry: It is completely normal to go between 3 times a day to 3 times a week. Less than that amount is advisable to go to the doctor, since it is likely that you suffer from constipation.

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