How many yogurts can be eaten daily?

The yogurt It is characterized by being an indispensable food within a balanced diet, consisting of a product of semi-solid consistency from milk, which is subjected to a fermentation process.

It is certainly interesting the nutritional value of yogurt, so that 100 grams of product provide 180 mg. of calcium, 240 mg. of potassium, 17 mg. of magnesium, in addition to vitamins (vitamin A and vitamins of group B).

For this reason, it is useful to know the different Benefits of yogurt. However, if you usually take yogurt usually, surely that in some other occasion you have asked yourself the following question: how many yogurts can be eaten daily?.

We must mainly differentiate those yogurts that are skimmed, or skimmed, from those that are not skimmed. Likewise, as we knew in the note in which we talked about Why you should avoid sugary, flavored or fruit yogurts, not only we must pay attention to the caloric content of yogurt (and its fat content), but especially and especially in sugars.

Why? Fundamentally because we tend to think that a flavored or sugary yogurt is healthy simply because it does not provide fat (for example, in the case of popular yogurts 0%), but a very important element is overlooked at the nutritional level: the amount of carbohydrates that, in the form of sugars, that yogurt brings.

The main reason is not that you are evaluating what fattens a yogurt, but how healthy it is. Therefore, as we saw in How to know how much sugar a yogurt has when you go to buy it, at the moment of being in the supermarket and having the yogurt package in our hands, the key is to discover how much fat, protein and sugar it contains.

A) Yes, It is more suitable a yogurt that have between 4-5% sugar, 3% fat and at least 3% protein. Or, which is the same, 5 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fat and 3 grams of protein per 100 grams of product.

Taking all this into account, the advisable thing is consume between 1 to 2 yogurts a day, preferably at breakfast and dinner, since being good for the stomach and rich in potassium, can help us sleep much better if we take it at night. Or, take at least 3 servings of dairy, distributing it throughout the day in a glass of milk, 125-130 grams of fresh cheese and 2 yogurts.

Regarding which yogurts to choose, taking into account what we mentioned in the previous lines, It is best to opt for natural yogurt or for natural Greek yogurt, without added sugars. That is to say, that the only sugar they contribute is the one naturally present in their composition.

Therefore, we must avoid flavored yogurts, natural sweetened ones, chopped fruit, cereals, and children's. Or, what is the same, all that is not natural.

And if you want to enjoy a much more nutritious yogurt, and even healthier, you can opt for a natural yogurt and homemade fruit or whole grains such as oatmeal.

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