How much caffeine can be taken per day?

We know about the effects of caffeine on health, always taken in its proper measure. It is an alkaloid substance, which we usually find in drinks as consumed in the world as coffee or tea, and that can generate a series of effects in our body.

As many experts indicate, the most advisable thing is not to exceed the recommended amounts of caffeine, because if taken in large or excessive amounts, it can produce very negative effects in our body.

But, How much caffeine can we take per day? What is the recommended amount?

Amount of caffeine that can be taken daily

Although the maximum dose that the human body can tolerate caffeine is 500 mg. daily, it is best to always try not to exceed 200 mg.

This is because of 200 to 600 mg. Not only can it create dependency, but it can even produce anxiety, nervousness and trembling.

But if you exceed 500 or 600 mg, it can even cause lethargy, fatigue and headache, and much greater anxiety.

This recommendation not only has to do with coffee, but also with tea and popular cola drinks, in which we find a high presence of caffeine.

Caffeine content of coffee and tea

Caffeine content of coffee and tea


Caffeine content per unit

Prepared instant coffee (180 ml cup)65
Strained coffee (180 ml cup)97 to 124
Decaffeinated coffee (180 ml cup)4
Tea in sachets (180 ml cup)15 to 80
Infusion of mate (180 ml cup)10 to 70

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