How much meat to eat per day and per week?

The meat It is a food extremely rich in proteins and fats, and although the vast majority of meats tend to have a similar protein composition, what makes them different is the quality of their fat.

It becomes in fact an excellent source of essential amino acids and is also rich in vitamins (especially vitamins of group B), as well as in minerals, although to a lesser extent.

Taking into account that the meat is rich in fat among which the unsaturated fatty acids predominate, there is some controversy regarding the negative effects of a diet rich in meat for health, on the one hand, and how much meat should we eat, for another.

How much meat can we eat a day?

Many nutritionists consider that it is possible to consume a maximum of one small fillet of meat each day, although the truth is that many people tend to exceed this amount.

When we talk about meat we should not think only about a steak. We must also think of sausages, sausages ... which, in addition, have a greater amount of fat.

Of course, we must bear in mind that it is not the same to consume white meat than red meat.

How much meat can we eat a week?

The ideal would be not to exceed 210 grams per week of red meat, so the advisable thing is consume a serving of red meat only once a week.

When it comes to white meat, the advisable thing is do not exceed two servings of white meat a week.

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