How to act in a conflict

It is always much easier for us to give advice or guide a person we are close to when it is going through a conflict or a delicate situation. However, we all know that it is much more difficult when we experience it and feel it from within.

Feelings come together, thoughts of guilt, fears, and many doubts. Keeping oneself in love and trying to remain conscious is one of the attitudes to which it is usually hardest to reach. But it is true that with much internal work we can achieve it. And, after all, life as well as living it could also be considered as a continuous training of situations.

In a painful and delicate situation, what can we do?

People in certain moments due to the pain that we can feel in a duel, a breakup of a couple, a bad personal moment we tend to lock ourselves in, it is as if we opt for the option of being with our arms crossed and constantly squeezing. The best thing would be not to lock ourselves in and if we are lucky enough to rely on a close person that simple fact will start to be very positive for us.

Trying to solve the problem by ourselves is the greatest act of love and courage that we can have at that moment. Being aware that there is something in us that is not working as it should is not easy but it ends up being the best way to start to get out of that area of ‚Äč‚Äčanger. Start to realize how we feel, how we think and what we can do to be a little better is to move forward although it seems that not at first glance.

As we said before, if we can rely on a friend who has gone through something similar or who simply listens to us, it will help us to express how we feel we will begin to relieve weight little by little.

If you consider it necessary, inform yourself about a good professional who can help you and teach you to cope with that moment. Going to a therapist is not bad at all. Sometimes, people do not have to have all the weapons to know how to take a moment that we are going through.

Is it true that when we want to cut our hair we go to the hairdresser ?. We can see it that way but always remembering to choose well the professional that will help us since all psychologists or therapists are not for all people. Word of mouth is usually the best option.

When can we ask ourselves if something is wrong?

When that problem is very intense, when it affects our family life that this may be deteriorating the relationship between family, friends or even work, when you have tried to solve it on your own but have not been successful.

We do not talk about normal reactions such as a day of discouragement, sadness, hopelessness but to take it seriously if we have been with this discomfort for a long time. Something may have happened a long time or a long time ago that you have not given much importance to and over time it starts to consume you.

The best thing is not to stay at home waiting for the rain to stop but to look for an umbrella and keep moving forward.

Life gives us very nice moments in company and even alone, to be able to live with quality of life and tranquility is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. And remember that asking for help is the most beautiful act of love that you can do yourself. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

Conflict Resolution (July 2024)