How to avoid binge eating

Who has not binge? It is a way of eating that, in certain situations and situations, supposes that the person eats excessively and quickly many quantities of the same food, food product, or several.

It is usual that when a person feels anxiety, nervousness or stress, a way to overturn those feelings is in the food in the form of Binge, which in no way becomes the solution, even more so when the underlying problem that causes this tension or stressful situation is addressed.

It is also possible that bingeing occurs because we are in a festive season (such as Christmas bingeing), at a party or dinner with family and friends.

It is true that a punctual binge does not pose any risk to our health and our weight, but when they occur usually or every so often, the reality is that we predispose our body to suffer excess weight and to store more fat.

Therefore it is always advisable to have some useful habits on hand to know how to avoid binge eating.

Tips against binge eating

Considering that binge eating is always related to appetite, an issue that tends to help a lot is starting not only with control the appetite, but to know how to reduce appetite.

The following will also help you tricks to avoid binge eating:

  • Stay in control: if you feel anxious, stressed or nervous, try to maintain control and bring that tension to other habits, such as sports practice, which besides helping you to de-stress is ideal to enjoy good health . If your binge eating is due to anxiety, and you can not reduce it, it is best to go to a psychologist's office, who will give you advice on how to control anxiety.
  • Eat a little before a party: if you think you will suffer the cravings for binge eating, it is best to choose to drink an infusion, a tea or a yogurt skimmed. It will help mitigate hunger a little and reduce appetite.
  • Practice physical exercise: will help you reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, it will provide you with an infinite number of ideal benefits for your health.
  • Do not worry: if at some point you can not avoid it and you get binge, avoid worrying. While it is a punctual binge, and then eat healthily and follow a balanced diet, practicing physical exercise on a regular basis, there is no problem.

Image | goforchris This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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