How to avoid Christmas binge eating

In Christmas, however much it is said every year, it is certainly common that many people tend to Eat excessively, mainly for a very clear reason: it is a popular festivity in which the family gathers to enjoy excellent recipes, and where precisely, the typical Christmas desserts they abound everywhere.

For example, it is absolutely normal - and usual - to sit around a table where delicious dishes abound, many of them, surplus in calories, fats and sugars. What, together with the conversation and the funny times in the company of family and friends, can lead us to eat more than necessary.

For this reason, try to avoid Christmas binges It is something fundamental not only if we do not want to gain weight during these holidays (you can know some tricks for not gaining weight at Christmas), but to take care of our health.

5 tips to avoid binge Christmas

We explain below some tips and tricks that will help you avoid binge eating.

  1. Always avoid compulsive eating, it is better to eat in a relaxed and quiet, because only this way we will get our body to regulate the appetite and help our stomach to make a proper digestion.
  2. A good idea at the time of not being so hungry when we sit down before a Christmas lunch or dinner is to eat a skimmed yogurt or drink a slimming tea about 10 minutes before.
  3. You can always enjoy the typical sweets of this time, but always in moderation and controlling quantities.
  4. Alcohol can cause our digestion is not as good as we want. In addition, our liver will tend to store its calories in the form of fat by its inability to cope with the metabolization of everything we are consuming (and that is precisely one of the causes of the appearance of fatty liver).
  5. Of course, if you follow these tips you are not able to avoid the Binge, remember that you can choose home remedies to make digestion, as well as opt for depurative infusions that will help you eliminate what your body does not need.

Other useful tips for a healthier holiday season

Although in the article entitled Tips to enjoy a good and healthy Christmas we have already offered you some useful guidelines to enjoy a much healthier and healthier Christmas, it is evident that not only is it important to avoid compulsively, as well as overeating.

For example, it is vital to try to practice physical exercise on a regular basis. If we already practiced it before, the key is to continue with our exercise routine, whether we are on holiday or not. And if we have not started, Christmas can become an excellent and wonderful opportunity.

Remember that it is not necessary to become an elite athlete. It is enough to practice every day between 30 to 60 minutes of any type of aerobic activity, be it running, walking, cycling or swimming. Definitely, the key is to keep us active, not only to not gain weight, but to take care and protect our health as much as possible.

If we have also been eating, regardless of whether our digestion has suffered or not (for example, we have suffered from stomach pain, discomfort, indigestion or dyspepsia), it is very useful Let our digestive system rest on the day or days following the great feast -or dinner-.

An interesting option is to try to eat less, choosing preparations that do not involve much "work" to our stomach. Our recommendation: prepare a depurative broth full of benefits for your health, especially after the excesses.

For example, the broths and creams are very interesting after the big festivities or binge eating. Likewise, fresh fruits and vegetables, such as light salads and other options that generally have low fats and refined sugars, can not be absent. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesChristmas

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