How to avoid dry eyes in people who work with the computer

It is known medically with the name of dry eye syndrome. It consists of an alteration that occurs on the surface of the cornea and the conjunctiva, due either to the lack of tears or because they are of poor quality, which causes the surface of the eye is not well lubricated, which can cause problems visual disturbances, eye discomfort, constant itching sensation and even injuries to the cornea and the conjunctiva.

Among its most common causes we find the decrease in secretion due to age, since with aging the cells that generate the tears are constantly atrophied. It can also be caused by hormonal changes in women, certain environmental factors or some systemic diseases.

However, a forgotten cause is the constant use of the computer, something very common in people who work daily with him. And is that when we use the computer screen the difficulty of the task we are doing together with the speed at which the information appears tend to affect the frequency of the flicker in a very negative way.

As many specialists say, computer users only tend to blink up to 5 times per minute, when for example in a conversation it is usual to do it up to 25 times per minute.

The consequences are obvious: it is common to see the typical itching and irritation in the eyes after having used the computer screen for a few hours.

Precisely for avoid the appearance of dry eye syndrome, the advisable thing is Do 20 full blinks every 3 hours of work. If this exercise is done for three or four weeks we will tend to blink more and better unconsciously.

Image | Michael Gil

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