How to avoid post-holiday stress, what it is and prevention

It is known by post-holiday stress (also know as postvacational syndrome) to one of the most common pathologies in developed societies, mainly because it usually affects young people who study or those with high work demands who tend to interpret the termination of holidays as the loss of a certain situation that, really, would be wanted keep indefinitely.

This causes the emergence of a situation of anxiety and dissatisfaction that usually appears above all once the holidays are over and we have finally arrived home, although the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing. post-vaccination syndrome Even from a few days before the holidays end.

Among the main symptoms to identify whether or not we suffer from stress after the holidays we find ourselves with the appearance of a certain sadness, depression, we tend to feel more melancholic and in the first days we do not feel like doing anything, especially with everything that means returning to the daily routine.

However, there are tips that allow not only avoid post-holiday stress, if not prevent stress after the holidays in a simple way and just following some tips and easy tricks.

What is post-holiday stress? Why does it always arise after the holidays?

The post-holiday stress It has become one of the most common pathologies in developed societies, mainly because it usually affects young people who study or those with high natural demand.

During the holidays, these people tend to live a sudden break in their pace of life, from studying or working daily, to fully relax and enjoy not only relaxation, but more leisure time.

Generally the post-holiday stress It appears at the end of the holidays and right when we get home.

Its appearance is due to the fact that the person interprets the termination of the holidays as the loss of a certain situation that, really, it would be wanted to maintain indefinitely, which causes the appearance of a situation of anxiety and dissatisfaction.

How to avoid post-holiday stress?

From a psychological point of view, the main thing is to try to find, during the holidays, the taste for our own daily routine, in which we work or study, always looking for the most positive point of view possible, and paying attention to the things that most we like them.

The holidays should be understood only as a moment that helps us to rest and disconnect from the daily routine, but these should not be understood as a moment that should be extended indefinitely.

Psychologically speaking, it is recommended that before returning to daily obligations, visualize the work situation, student (in case you study) and personal, as if you were an observer alien to that same reality.

What do you like and what not? It can be very helpful to make a list of what is nice and most unpleasant. And, above all, do not think during the holidays that these will end and you will return home in a negative way.

Everything has its moment, and you also deserve to enjoy a few days of rest without stress and anxiety. That we already have enough with the daily stress !.

How to prevent post-holiday stress: main tips

Besides being able to avoid it, there are also some tips that we can follow and that will help us in a very positive way when it comes to preventing it. Do you want to know what they are? We discover them:

  • Anticipate the return home: it is recommended to return two days before the holidays and adapt by getting up and going to bed before; in this way we will help our biological clock adapt and the change when we start working or going to class is not so abrupt.
  • Keep a positive attitude: we should look for a taste for our own routine and daily tasks, maintaining a positive attitude. We must think that not everything is negative, because when we return to work, to the institute or to the university, we meet again with our classmates, and it allows us to establish our projects and relationships.
  • At the beginning of work: It is not recommended to start with a job too intense. Therefore, it is best to perform low-intensity work during the first days after returning to work.
  • Practice physical exercise: It is essential not only to enjoy good health and live a much healthier life. It is also useful to avoid post-holiday stress, as it increases and improves our mood, especially practiced in the morning.
This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist. ThemesStress

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