How to brush your teeth properly

There is no doubt that maintaining a correct oral health It is fundamental when it comes to enjoying good health. And is that many scientific studies have shown that having bad hygiene in our mouth can become a consequence for the emergence of a wide variety of diseases.

Many people are unaware that to maintain optimal oral health is not only essential to maintain good oral hygiene. It is also necessary to avoid those harmful habits or substances that may negatively affect their correct health.

But despite the fact that many people know that they must take care of their teeth to enjoy good health, what is really true is that very few people really know How to brush your teeth as it should. And when to do it

When to brush your teeth?

Surely on some occasion your parents told you that you should brush your teeth every time you eat. The truth is that this question must become a daily habit every time we eat.

Or, at least, the brushing the teeth It should be done three times a day, precisely after each meal. But it is not enough to go over the brush and that's it: it's convenient to do it well for at least three minutes.

What toothbrush to use?

Not all gums are the same, so not all of them are the same toothbrush.

It is for this reason that currently in the market you can find an interesting -and useful- diversity of brushes, which differ in how their bristles are, as well as in their own design.

The right thing to do is use a brush with bristles that are not too stiff, that does not hurt your gums (that is, they do not bleed during or after brushing), with the tips polished and rounded.

With regard to the hardness of the toothbrush, this can be soft or medium (precisely its hardness will depend on our gums).

How to brush your teeth

To help you know how to brush your teeth As it is due, we propose to you a simple video in which all the steps that you should follow in a visual way are explained:

Some tricks for brushing teeth

  • Do not exert too much pressure with the toothbrush.
  • Always use short, soft and elliptical movements.
  • The brushing movements always make them from the gum to the tooth.
  • Brush before with the dry brush, without toothpaste. It will help you eliminate the bacteria attached to the teeth.
  • Renew your toothbrush every three months.

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How to Properly Clean Your Teeth (March 2023)