How to care for and protect the eyes in summer

Every year, with the arrival of good weather, we encourage you to spend some pleasant days on the beach or in the pool sunbathing and bathing in the water. A few days that tend to increase especially with the arrival of summer holidays, when we can enjoy more leisure time and a greater amount of free time that we usually take advantage of in most occasions to tan and get more tan.

In fact, when we start sunbathing the most usual thing is that we worry about taking care of our skin, using the most suitable solar photoresist for this purpose according to our skin phototype (that is, the ability of our skin to assimilate solar radiation). But how many times do we worry about the health of our eyes?.

The truth is the eyes become one of the organs that we pay less attention to, especially in the summer months, although during this season there are usually certain elements that affect them directly.

A good example is the pool water, which contains chlorine and other chemical products that although they are essential to allow us to enjoy the bathroom safely, tend to affect our eyes in a very negative way.

Some tips to protect the eyes during the summer months to take into account

When bathing in the water

It is especially suitable use diving goggles if you plan to dive into the water, regardless of whether you are in a pool or at sea. It is a useful option because helps prevent red eyes, in addition to helping in a simple way reduce itching and annoying stinging.

In case you do not want to wear glasses of this type, but you dive underwater, you must be especially careful not to open your eyes, doing it only when your head is out of it.

Use adequate sunglasses

Did you know prolonged exposure to the sun may cause irritation of the cornea and the conjunctiva? So when you go to sunbathe and plan to spend long hours on the beach or in the pool It is imperative to wear sunglasses, that protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Be careful if you use contact lenses

You must remember that it is not advisable to bathe in the water with contact lenses, Because they can cause infections when contaminated with fungi and / or bacteria. The best thing in these cases is to take them off whenever you go to the water or even from the moment you go to the beach or pool.

When you extend the sunscreen ...

Every time you go to extend sunscreen on your face you should avoid contact with eyes, since it can cause irritation that in most cases requires treatments with eye drops with anti-inflammatory action.

A good idea is to always take you physiological saline

Currently in pharmacies you can find small bottles of saline. A good option is to always carry it with you every time you go to the beach, always protecting it from the high temperatures and from the direct sun.

Why? Mainly because From the first moment you see some type of irritation or eye discomfort when you are on the beach or in the pool it is convenient to wash your eyes with saline, which will help you to alleviate it quickly.

Do you use contact lenses? Beware of prolonged use in summer

While it is true that contact lenses or contact lenses they become our best friends when it comes to not only improving our vision, but also not having the obligation to always wear glasses, they can also become our enemies.

And is that the prolonged use, together with the neglect of the disinfection and hygiene measures, can cause infections such as bacterial keratitis, an infection of the cornea whose cases usually increase during the summer months, since it is common to bathe with them in pools treated with chemicals or chlorine.

Therefore, the main recommendation is to always extreme the measures of hygiene of the eyes, especially during the summer months, not only advisable to maintain good hygiene, but use quality sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, and Use swimming goggles whenever you go for a swim in the pool.

Obviously, the recommendation is also comparable to bathing in sea water, although this time the advice is to avoid opening your eyes when we are underwater.

It is especially important avoid its use in swimming pools and on the beach. Although it is usually something very common and common, experts agree that it is not at all appropriate to bathe with contact lenses or contact lenses placed, since the risk of infection is even higher.

It is also possible that the risk of losing contact lenses increases, especially due to water.Even when the sand enters the eye it can produce corneal erosions.


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