How to choose a healthy wine

Now that Christmas is coming, it's a great idea to follow some basic tips and tricks that will allow us to enjoy a healthy christmas, especially because we will be able to live a healthy Christmas without that means that we have to gain weight or that our own health suffers.

As usual at these parties, one of the most recommended options to fully enjoy them is to opt for some of the Christmas recipes more classic and typical, and above all cooking them to flood our home with the magic of Christmas.

On this occasion we will not explain how to elaborate a healthy recipe in a healthy way. We are going to expose you how to choose a wine to guess when selecting it depending on the dish we are going to consume.

Of course, in case you are interested in knowing the relationship between wine and health, do not skip knowing something more about the properties of wine.

How to choose a good wine wine?

As you can imagine, before being able choose a wine we must take into account the food we are going to consume, in order to select an appropriate wine depending on each occasion, not forgetting also the personal tastes of the diners who are going to sit at your table.

  • For cheeses, serrano ham, or olives it is ideal to opt for a good red, rosé or an amontillado wine (such as Manzanilla or Jerez).
  • In case you go to serve red meats, you can opt for a red wine as a reserve of Rivera del Duero, Rioja or Penedes. It must be a powerful and robust red wine, with aging and concentration.
  • In case you opt for birds, it is a good recommendation to choose a Tempranillo Semicrianza; that is, a red wine that is not too robust but has body and aroma.
  • In case of opting for fish, there is no doubt that one of the wines that best stick is white wine, especially for fish with a strong flavor. The same goes for seafood.
  • If you're going to serve pasta, you can opt for a good young white wine or a rosé wine.
  • Desserts can also be ideal with a good wine. In this case, the sweet desserts will taste better accompanied by a light white wine.
This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesAlcohol Wine

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