How to choose the best bottle and the best nipple

When for some reason we have to resort to artificial feeding or formula usually assault some doubts when choosing the best bottle for our baby.

Even when you are feeding your baby with breastfeeding there are times when for some reason or other you have to express milk from your breasts and fill a bottle to feed the baby.

That is why we should be as accurate as possible regarding the choice of bottle that best suits the needs of our baby.

There are several brands that exist in the market and that undoubtedly offer the best for our babies.

The importance of the characteristics of teats

In addition to the choice of bottle that you can choose between plastic or glass it is important the characteristics of the teats being better the anatomical teat so that it favors the healthy development of the baby's mouth.

It is also advisable that the teat be with anti-colic system or that comes equipped with valves to prevent the baby from sucking air while taking the bottle. With anti-colic teats we will reduce the risk of the baby suffering from gas cramps.

It is also essential that the teat is anatomical, which means that it is as close as possible to the nipple of the mother, which confers interesting benefits: the teat is better adapted to the baby's mouth, and in turn tends to favor the healthy oral development of the same.

This is because, during suction, the teat adapts to the palate of the baby changing shape in the same way as the nipple does when the baby is breastfeeding.

How to choose the most suitable nipple for the bottle?

There is no doubt that the teats They can be considered as a very important piece in the feeding of the baby, since it becomes the almost perfect substitute of the maternal nipple, hence the parents should pay attention to their characteristics and know the different varieties and types of teats that exist currently in the market, to try to find the most suitable for your little one.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the flow rate of the nipple, because if for example you opt for a large teat that lets the milk pass too much - and very quickly - it can cause the baby to swallow a lot of air (and then have gas and discomfort in the stomach) or choking.

The same would happen with a teat with a very small hole, since in this case the baby would have to strain too much to be able to suck well.

Therefore, one of the keys when choosing the most suitable nipple for the bottle is check labels, since they will indicate the flow rate.

If your baby is a little bigger, you probably already have your own preferences, so choose a type of teat or other: silicone, latex, rubber ... Obviously, if the child at the time of eating rejects the bottle is possible that the teat does not like, so it is best to try another model. When you finally find the one you like, it is best to always use it (and not change teats every so often). This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Pediatrician. We advise you to consult your trusted pediatrician. ThemesSupplementary feeding

Baby Bottles and Nipples (May 2023)