How to clean healing stones and how to choose them for the first time

There is no doubt that the stones are authentic important entities, which breathe, live, transmit, react and shine. They contain authentic vibrations and vibratory frequencies capable of acting on our own being.

In fact, it is very common that today there are still people who enjoy the Benefits Y properties that give them the healing by stones.

Some real wonders of the Earth, that have even been used for centuries in many sacred ceremonies, and that help not only to heal, but even as conductors of energetic vibrations.

Within own healing stones in itself, and within the healing by stones, there is no doubt that one of the basic elements when it comes to enjoying them is knowing how to choose a healing stone.

And it is that, this moment, and not another, is the most appropriate when choosing a healing stone Help us and bring us the different virtues that can come to contribute.

We explain below how to choose a healing stone.

How to choose a healing stone?

For choose a healing stone, the fundamental thing to take into account is to know the different chemical substances that make up the stones and the benefits and properties that each of them contribute.

The formation of stones is a sacred process, which practically remains a mystery today despite the explanations that have been tried to give about them.

When choosing a healing stone, what we should take into account in particular is to try to choose it with our heart, letting it be he who chooses it.

You must have some confidence in your intuition and your feelings, since they will be the ones that will lead you to choose one stone and not another.

Give yourself time to contemplate them and, almost with total security, among them there will be one or two that will catch your attention.

In any case, it is also possible that you want to choose a stone according to your zodiac sign, which more and more people are doing in this way.

And how can we clean them?

More and more people trust in the healing by stones, since these authentic wonders of the Earth are used for many centuries in many sacred ceremonies to help cure and also as drivers of energetic vibrations.

Since the healing stones They have a great sensitivity, it contains vibrations and impressions that need to be eliminated, especially when we have bought it and we are going to use it for the first time.

Some experts in healing stones indicate that, for clean a stoneSometimes it is enough to use a little water, sometimes adding a little sea salt.

It is true that in this way we get to clean it, but only slightly, so if what we want is to clean it completely, it is best to choose a boat, which we will fill with sea salt, and bury our stone in it, covering it all right.

The boat should be in a window of our house, and leave it there for a week. Of course, it is even better that we begin to clean it one day when there is a full moon.

Once we have cleaned it, it is appropriate to conceive positive thoughts about them, thinking that it will be a stone for our protection and that it will help us a lot.

In this way we get them to be loaded with positive energy and help us.

Once a time has passed, it is normal for the stone to be loaded again with impressions or vibrations, especially negative ones. Therefore, it is convenient that at least once every two months, we repeat the cleaning of the stone. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesAlternative medicine

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