How to clean the ears correctly

As we mentioned in a previous note in which we talked about the ear hygiene, there's no doubt clean the ears usually it is something not only recommendable but fundamental, both for its correct hygiene and for its care.

Why? Fundamentally because inside wax accumulates wax or wax, which is a waxy and yellowish substance secreted in the ear canal. Although this wax is removed naturally by our body when it dries and falls by its own weight, the most advisable thing is clean the ears alternately, leaving 2 to 3 days between each cleaning (and not daily).

How to clean the ears? Step by Step

1. When you are in the shower or in the bathroom

Since during the shower or bath are the best times of the day to clean your ears (because the skin is wet), it is advisable that-carefully-you wet them.

Then clean the outer areas of the auricle with the help of a thin towel or gauze.

2. Apply a marine water diffuser

They are the most recommended to clean your ears correctly. The best thing to do is to keep your head tilted and apply the diffuser, letting it work for 1 to 2 minutes inside the ear.

Then it incorporates the head to its normal position, which will help the sea water to flow, bringing with it the softened earwax, which will be absorbed with the help of a cotton ball.

3. Ready, you're finished!

To what has been as simple as fast, right? Following the 2 steps indicated above will help you save time and hassle.

Of course, remember that it is not advisable to use the bantoncillos to clean the inside of the ears (they should only be used for their exterior and never enter them), being useful to clean them every 2 or 3 days between each cleaning.

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