How to clean the lungs

The lungs they are anatomical structures, which belong to the respiratory system and are found in the thoracic cage, which consists of a set of bones that contain the ribs, dorsal vertebrae and sternum, consisting of the part between the base of the neck and the diaphragm , and that in addition to containing the lungs contains the heart.

With regard to the functions of the lungs, we find ourselves mainly with two basic functions: a respiratory function (in the alveoli there is the passage of oxygen from the air to the blood, as well as the passage of carbon dioxide from the blood to the air), and a non-respiratory function ( which includes, among others, its external filter function, metabolic actions and a system of prostaglandins).

At the time of take care of the lungs a very good option is to help in their natural cleaning process, detoxifying them from all those contaminants that may have adversely affected their health.

Tips for the natural cleansing of the lungs

In the first place the most advisable thing, before beginning with the cleaning of the lungs, is to try to reduce or even eliminate for some days harmful habits such as tobacco.

On the other hand, it is recommended to eliminate all dairy products, at least two to three days before starting cleaning, as they interfere with the process of detoxification by digesting more slowly by the body.

Cleanliness of the lungs for 3 days

Before starting with the 3-day detoxification regimen, we advise you to consult your doctor.

Before the first day of detoxification

Before going to bed, drink 1 cup of herbal tea, made with a teaspoon of artichoke, plantain and senna (in equal parts). It will help you cleanse your intestines naturally, which in turn will be useful to begin the detoxification process of the lungs.

The detoxification process (you will have to repeat this process for 3 days)

  • At breakfast: Squeeze 2 lemons to get your juice, and mix it with a glass of water. Drink it before breakfast. It will help you digest alkalizing foods, useful to help the lungs regenerate.
  • Mid-morning: Have a glass of carrot juice, if possible freshly prepared. It is useful to alkalize the blood during the 3 days that the cleaning lasts.
  • At lunch: Make a juice based on spinach, parsley, carrot and celery. It is a drink rich in potassium, useful to act as a cleaning tonic.
  • At the snack: Squeeze 2 grapefruits and drink your juice. If its flavor is very strong you can mix it with a glass of mineral water; as the idea is to detoxify the lungs and the organism, it is not advisable to sweeten it, but drink it naturally.
  • Before going to bed: Drink a glass of cranberry juice. Blueberries are ideal to fight bacteria that may exist in the lungs; In addition, they act as antioxidants.

Home remedy to clean the lungs

If you do not want to follow the 3-day detoxification process we talked about in the previous lines, we propose a simple homemade remedy that is especially useful.

It is as simple as making vapors with expectorant herbs, as in the case of eucalyptus. You should only boil 2 cups of water and eucalyptus leaves for 5 minutes; Then turn off the fire, sit in a comfortable place and place your face on top of the pot with water and eucalyptus, being careful not to burn yourself with steam, and cover your head with the help of a towel. The key is to breathe eucalyptus vapor or steam for 15 minutes. It is advised -eso- to do it at night, before going to bed.

Image | joey.parsons / lindsayshaver This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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