How to conserve breast milk: how long does it last and where

As we have already mentioned on many occasions, without any doubt, the breastmilk It becomes the best food that could consume and take a baby in its first months of life, from the first moment he is born.

And, as you surely know, there are many benefits and qualities that it provides: natural defenses thanks to its rich immunoglobulins, is very digestive, is very rich in essential nutrients essential for the growth and development of the newborn ...

And, indeed, it also provides interesting benefits for the mother: improves anemia while increasing iron stores, helps in weight loss, optimizes calcium metabolism, decreases the risk of cancer and creates an extremely special intimate bond between mom and baby

In fact, as advocated and recommended by the World Health Organization itself, breast milk should become the exclusive food of the baby until 6 months of age, as long as the possibilities of the mother allow it.

However, once the period of termination after pregnancy ends and finally after the birth and the period of breastfeeding, the time comes when the mother must face the return to work. It is in these moments when doubts arise related to breastfeeding, not only about what to do and how to do it, but how to continue with breast milk.

It is an undoubtedly complicated moment for many mothers, who consider the possibility of abandoning breastfeeding and going to the bottle with artificial milk powder.

Although it is a decision that each one must make in a way consistent with their own possibilities, The truth is that there is the opportunity to continue breastfeeding even though you must be away from home. A simple option is extract yourself breast milk and keep it in several bottles, so that the person who stays with the baby continues to feed on demand.

It is at this time when related doubts also arise, such as: where should I leave breast milk, and for how long is it kept perfectly and without problems?

The conservation of breast milk: how and for how long

Keep breast milk in the refrigerator It gives mothers the opportunity for the baby to continue taking breast milk while she is working or absent for any other reason.

The breast milk should be extracted with the help of a breast pump and fill with it the bottles that you will need for the baby's shots while you are not at home to be able to breastfeed.

Keep in mind the following basic questions:

  • Breast milk at room temperature it is preserved for about 3 or 4 hours.
  • In the refrigerator, about 8 hours are preserved.
  • Breast milk can also be kept frozen. In these cases it is not recommended to refreeze it once it has been thawed.

You can also use the homemade containers or plastic bags that we can get in the supermarket and that are suitable for this purpose. When giving the baby take the milk from these containers to the bottle, and we will heat it in the water bath.

Despite the basic recommendations indicated, from Alba Breastfeeding we are informed of different tips to take into account depending on the conservation method chosen. For example:

  • Freshly squeezed breast milk in a closed container: at room temperature (25 ° C or less) it is stored for 6 to 8 hours. In the refrigerator between 3 to 5 days. In the freezer 2 weeks.
  • Breast milk previously frozen, or thawed in the refrigerator but not used or heated: at room temperature 4 hours or less (only until the next intake). In the refrigerator 24 hours. It is not recommended to refreeze.
  • Thawed breast milk out of the refrigerator in hot water: at room temperature only until the moment the tap is finished. In the refrigerator 4 hours or until the next intake. It is not recommended to refreeze.
  • Breast milk left over from the intake: at room temperature only until the tap is finished (then discarded). It is not advisable to refrigerate or freeze.
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