How to control blood pressure at home

Nowadays it is very common to confuse blood pressure with blood pressure, since the most common is to try to use them always synonymously. However, did you know that they are really quite different issues? So, for example, we could define blood pressure as the force that blood exerts against the walls of the arteries.

In this way, when our heart beats, it tends to pump blood into the arteries, at which point the highest blood pressure is recorded, which is medically known assystolic pressure. But when the heart is in a state of rest between heartbeats and blood pressure decreases, what is known asdiastolic pressure.

At this point, did you know that there are hundreds of millions of people who, according to three important health organizations, should be -at present- monitoring their blood pressure in their own home?

And it is that as the doctor has affirmed Suzanne Oparil, professor of medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, there are a total of 72 million people who have hypertension and 25 million more who have prehypertension.

The result of monitoring in our own home leads to better control of the blood pressure, something that reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and sudden death.

Why is it important to take your blood pressure at home?

As many doctors say, taking the stress at home is essential to know the good or bad control of blood pressure. And this is even more important when there is hypertension.

For example, people with hypertension who are under medical treatment, or who are under observation for a possible future diagnosis of high blood pressure, should take the stress at home, which will give them the opportunity to share with their doctor this valuable information, which In turn, the doctor will allow you to make the most appropriate and appropriate decisions.

In addition, by taking the stress at home we avoid producing what is medically known asphenomenon of the white coat, and that means that when we tend to measure blood pressure in front of the doctor it is common that we tend to get nervous and we look even more if it fits in the values ​​that will show the tensiometer, so that the tension can increase by about 30% even if there is no direct medical cause that justifies it.

How to take blood pressure at home

The truth is taking the stress at home is actually very simple. But you have to do it properly, since a change in the height of the arm or hand can greatly modify the measurements.

Take note of some of the following recommendations:

  • The device that patients must buy must have their corresponding bracelet that fits properly in the upper part of the arm, not recommending wrist devices.
  • With a difference of one minute, two or three readings should be taken at the same time, while resting sitting down; the arm should be supported, with the upper arm at heart level and the feet on the floor.
  • The reading should be taken at the same time every day.
  • In patients considered to be at risk, the goal is a reading lower than 135/85, or less than 130/80.

Maintain adequate levels of blood pressure help not only to take care of our health in general, but particularly to maintain the health of our kidneys in good condition, since they are the main organs that "suffer" this increase in blood pressure.

Therefore, it is essential to take blood pressure at least once a week if we are predisposed to suffer a related disorder, or if you have any pathology that may affect its appearance.

Do you know some habits that increase your blood pressure?

There are some habits that can dangerously increase our health, so that we cause the appearance of what is medically known as arterial hypertension. In fact, it is estimated that in 95% of people with high blood pressure there is no organic cause, so it is mainly due to certain factors / habits and hereditary dispositions.

Regarding habits, do you know which are the most common ?. We discover them below:

  • Smoke:Tobacco is one of the causes related to arterial hypertension. Although it does not have a direct influence, it is known that nicotine increases the risk of developing diseases such as strokes or strokes.
  • Alcohol:The consumption of alcohol, even in small amounts, causes our heart to beat faster and pump more blood, so that it increases our blood pressure.
  • Overweight and obesity:It is usual that people with a greater weight tend to have a very high blood pressure. Therefore, it is estimated that abdominal obesity (which should not exceed 88 centimeters in women and 102 centimeters in men) tends to increase blood pressure, which then decreases and is controlled as the weight decreases.

So, To control blood pressure or even prevent hypertension, it is essential to avoid the first two habits, as well as lose weight and keep it at normal levels, recommended according to our height and physical complexion. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

High Blood Pressure – Take Control (April 2024)