How to cure cold sores with natural treatments

The one known as fever, whose medical name is originally that of herpes labialis, consists of a common infection of the lips, mouth or gums due to the herpes simplex virus (usually type 1, known medically as HSV-1). This virus is contagious, and for the most part the infections occur especially during childhood, so that the prevalence increases with age, which means that most adults are carriers of the virus.

Of 90% of adults who are carriers of the virus in fact only one third have cold sores, so that the virus tends to spread by direct contact with the lesions, or through the saliva of the person who has cold sores.

This virus remains for life in the main nerves of the face of the person who was infected (what is known as latent virus), not tending to cause more problems or symptoms unless the person's immune system weakens.

At the time of cure cold sores and reduce or treat their symptoms, it is necessary to know that in reality the symptoms may disappear on their own without treatment in one or two weeks. However, the doctor may advise a treatment based on Aciclovir, Valaciclovir or Famciclovir.

There are also certain natural treatments useful to cure cold sores very suitable, which especially are ideal for people who like to resort to the remedies prepared with natural products instead of taking antiviral drugs or ointments with antivirals.

Even so, we always advise that you should go to the doctor without delay when we notice that something is wrong, for example in the case that the cold sore takes a long time to heal, more than usually usually lasts.

In the presence of these symptoms we must go to the doctor:

  • Herpes takes longer than normal to heal, more than two weeks.
  • Herpes has spread to other areas of the skin, near the eyes.
  • There is infection in the eyes.
  • There is a possible bacterial infection in the skin.
  • If our immune system is weakened by other diseases or by taking some medications.

7 home remedies to relieve cold sore symptoms

These remedies can help us relieve symptoms from the first moment we notice the first symptoms.

Application of ice on herpes

This remedy is to calm the first symptoms. The cold calms the pain while it refreshes, helps reduce inflammation, also to calm the first symptoms such as tingling, itching, tingling.

We put an ice cube in a cloth or cloth handkerchief and we wrap it. Then we put it on herpes and keep it for a few seconds.

Propolis extract for the lips

The properties of propolis They benefit us to help us soothe the discomfort of cold sores, protect us from infections and help their healing.

Propolis extract should be mixed in equal parts with mineral water. In a small bowl, mix 5 drops of propolis extract with 5 tablespoons of mineral water.

We remove and moisten a stick in this preparation.

Once the swab has been moistened, we apply it gently over the cold sore. This preparation can be applied 3 times a day.

Propolis lip balm

The propolis balm for the lips It is a good sunscreen for the lips.

In addition to protecting the lips of the sun, we must also protect them from the cold.

So if we have predisposition to the herpes virus appears on our lips we must put this protector before going out.

This balm can be obtained in herbalists, parapharmacies, natural products stores and specialized online stores.

Hypericum oil to prevent scars

The hypericum oil It contains antiviral and healing properties. We can get it ready in herbalists, parapharmacies, or make it ourselves at home.

To make it at home we need flowers of St. John's wort, and virgin olive oil to put the flowers to macerate for 3 weeks.

We can take a jar of sterilized glass and fill it with flowers of hypericum, then add the amount of olive oil so that they are submerged.

Then close the jar well and leave the flowers macerating.


We uncork the jar and moisten a sterile gauze or swab and pass it gently, gently over the cold sore, at night. We close the jar well so that it stays well.

Aloe vera gel to relieve itching or burning

Aloe vera gel is refreshingIn addition to relieving itching, burning, and the tingling sensation it acts as an antiviral, helping the blisters or pupae do not appear to slow the spread of herpes.


We will put a little aloe vera gel on the herpes, you will notice how the relief is immediate. Aloe vera gel is best kept in the fridge and being fresh will help us to relieve faster by the sensation of freshness.

Marshmallow infusion

The marshmallow It will help us to calm the pain as well as to dry the blister. To prepare this infusion we need: two tablespoons of marshmallow and a cup of mineral water.

We boil the water and once it is boiling add the marshmallow. Remove from heat, cover and let stand for 10 minutes. Uncover, strain the infusion and let it cool.


Once cool, moisten a swab in the infusion. We apply the swab delicately on the cold sore. To finish we put a little olive oil on the herpes.

We will let it reabsorb itself, we will not rinse the area. This remedy we can repeat it every night while we have the herpes. Apply hydrogen peroxide on cold sores

We moisten some oxygenated water in a swab and pass it through the blister of the cold sore. We can apply this remedy three times a day. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

Herbal Home Remedies : Alternative Herpes Treatments (April 2024)