How to eliminate heat and tricks to fight it

The good weather is coming, and with it the summer. In fact, there are barely days left until the official Early summer, which will take place on June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere (while, in the Southern Hemisphere, it will not occur until December 21).

The summer It is characterized by being one of the most anticipated stations of the year, because it is the moment in which many people enjoy those long-awaited vacations, disconnecting from the daily routine and enjoying more free time.

The most usual, as it could not be less, is that many people leave home and enjoy sunny days and beach (or pool). But there is no doubt that one of the main enemies is the Sun and the hot.

How to eliminate heat?

Both the month of July and the month of August (and the month of December and January for those who read us from the Southern Hemisphere), are characterized by the summer periods in which more heat tends to be made, above all and commonly with the so-called as heat waves.

At the time of eliminate the heat It is essential to seek protection in those places where it is cooler. What this question could vary if we are inside or outside the house, on the beach or in the pool, or inside an apartment / hotel.

If we are away from home and we are neither on the beach nor in the pool, we can take shelter in those places that are more or less cool. Shopping centers or department stores could become a good option, at least to spend a pleasant time without spending much heat.

In case we are on the beach or in the pool we will obviously have to be careful, because if the heat is too high we should always keep the prevention of staying at home or in the apartment, or take precautions such as hydrating each Little time even if you are not thirsty and try to use clothes as light as possible.

Tips for heat removal

Although it is true that the heat can not be eliminated by itself, yes there are useful tips to help us eliminate it, at least when it comes to fighting it:

  • Hydrate yourself even if you are not thirsty: Hydration in summer is essential, since our body tends to sweat more. Therefore, it is best to drink water every so often even if we are not thirsty, avoiding water or very cold drinks to avoid possible throat damage.
  • Precautions if you are away from home: Obviously keep a good hydration, try to wear clothes as light as possible and if possible resguárdate in cooler places.
  • Tips if you're inside the house: in addition to properly moisturizing and putting on light clothing, keep the blinds down or the curtains drawn throughout the day. Keep the windows closed to prevent hot air from spilling through them. If you use a fan, always do it with the windows closed. Also, try to give you baths or showers of cold water every so often, but avoiding above all the sudden changes in temperature (be very careful with that).
  • Eat healthy and light: fresh fruits and vegetables are essential in any healthy balanced diet, and especially in summer. They provide us with water, fiber, vitamins and many minerals.

Other simple tips to fight the heat

Although it is possible that we repeat ourselves with some of the advice that we will give you next (because they are of vital importance), heat can also be fought in many other ways. And, above all, it is of vital importance to try to hydrate ourselves properly.

For example, it is essential to drink water every so often, and also hydrate with fresh fruits and vegetables. However, take note of the following recommendations:

  • Hydrate yourself at all times, even if you are not thirsty. Remember that it is essential to drink at least two liters of water every day. A good idea is to put some bottles of water in the refrigerator and when you go to drink leave it a few minutes at room temperature.
  • Keeping the blinds down or the curtains drawn is useful so that the heat does not leak into your home.
  • If you have air conditioning, keep it at 20º, but use it preferably a few hours a day. Remember that it consumes a lot of energy.
  • Use the fan always with the windows closed, especially when the hot air sneaks through the windows.
  • Give baths or showers of cold water but avoiding sudden changes in temperature.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It is the best to hydrate, and also are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Infusions and refreshing teas will help you too.
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