How to eliminate morning breath when waking up in the morning

The bad breath in the mornings, also called halitosisIt is a common problem, and it occurs in many people without their realizing it, as they are more sensitive to external smells than to those coming from their mouth.

Although it is a problem that does not really entail a danger for the person who suffers it, it can make people with whom they speak in their environment uncomfortable, and therefore, the sufferer feels uncomfortable with this problem in turn. .

Next we will tell you how to eliminate the morning breath by waking up in the morning, its causes, and the natural remedies to combat it so that it does not bother you again during the first hours of your days.

Why does halitosis appear in the morning?

As is well known, the metabolism of the body is slower when we are asleep, all processes slow down, and this also applies to one of the important processes for the health of the mouth, the elaboration of saliva, as this acts as an antibacterial agent, which eliminates the bacteria that form in our mouth while we sleep.

This process does not occur with the same efficiency, which results in the proliferation of bacteria in our mouth, which arises very quickly, forming what we know as halitosis.

In fact, it becomes more intense as more residues remain in our mouth at bedtime, even in the most remote places of our teeth.

It should also be noted that some habits and foods can promote the formation of halitosis, such as alcohol and smoking, or certain foods such as condiments. These should be avoided, at least the hours before sleep.

Natural remedies for halitosis

Halitosis is usually eliminated when any food is eaten and the natural functioning of the saliva in the mouth is activated again, acting as a bacteria eliminator in the mouth again and recovering its normal functioning, another way to treat this problem may be the Use mouthwash before going to sleep, as well as proper brushing and check that there are no remains of food on the teeth anywhere in these.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol in the hours before sleep can also be a way to fix the problem of halitosis, especially if it is severe, try to do hours before going to sleep, likewise, customs such as chewing tobacco can be one of the most serious causes for the appearance of halitosis.

Likewise coffee can be one of the reasons for the appearance of halitosis, if you drink coffee try not to do it in hours very close to bedtime, in addition to avoiding halitosis, you can save yourself severe insomnia problems that alter your sleep schedule .

Drink water before going to sleep, a glass of water can moisten your mouth so it does not dry so easily at bedtime, thus preventing bacteria from forming so easily and causing unwanted halitosis.

Despite not being a reason so frequent the halitosis could also be produced by some medically you are taking, first, make sure that some medication is the cause of the bad breath you have and if so, it would be enough to finish it and wait a bit to that this disappears, if it is not the case and it is a medication of continuous and prolonged administration, speak with your doctor to see if you can reach a substitute for this medication.

A chewing gum can be a solution for halitosis in the morning, since it promotes a normally menthol odor, and also promotes the production of saliva which, as mentioned above, will promote the elimination of these bacteria.

Halitosis is not a problem of great danger, but it can worsen the personal life of people; With the natural remedies said in the foregoing, you will be able to wake up in the mornings calmly, knowing the steps to disappear from bad diurnal breath quickly and efficiently. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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