How to eliminate saturated fats from the diet

Inside of recommended amount of daily fat we find that these should represent between approximately 30 to 35% of the daily calories recommended in the diet.

But as is obvious, it is not the same to opt for healthy fats (as is the case with the so-called unsaturated fats) that Saturated fats or the so-called Trans fat.

In this case, it is clear that within a healthy diet and a balanced diet the best is always opt for healthy fats, so that it almost becomes an obligation eliminate saturated fats from the diet.

To achieve this, a very good option is to know what the foods rich in saturated fats, to reduce them or even eliminate them from our diet.

Know the foods richest in saturated fats

If you consider the possibility of reduce saturated fats from your diet, it is convenient to always keep in mind that in order to achieve this it is essential to know which foods are the richest in this type of fats.

Among these foods, the most important ones are meats, cold meats and sausages, the pate or Foie gras, as well as derived products of animal origin (as is the case with Butter, cream Y some cheeses).

How to reduce saturated fats in the diet

We must bear in mind that there are different options when it comes to reducing fats in the diet. In the first place it is obvious the elimination, reduction or even the adoption of certain guidelines and advice:

  • Meats and birds: we must eliminate the visible fat of these animals before cooking them. The best? Opt for lean meats low in fat.
  • Products of animal origin: this is the case of foie gras, pâtés, cream, butter and certain cheeses. The best thing is evidently to reduce the consumption of these products as much as possible.
  • Cold cuts and sausages: we must take special care with very fatty or fatty sausages and sausages, given that they are the foods with the most saturated fats.
  • Oils: eliminate from your diet coconut and palm oils, and products made with these oils.
  • Bakery and pastry: they are very high products in saturated and trans fats, which in the long run can be very dangerous for health. Therefore, reduce or eliminate these foods from your diet, even if they eat moderately.

We must also take into account other useful health tips:

  • White and blue fish: include in your diet at least four times a week white and blue fish (as you know, blue fish are heart-healthy).
  • Eggs: they are equally nutritious and healthy foods, but it is not advisable that we exceed the consumption of three eggs per week.

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