How to exfoliate your skin correctly

If you usually buy beauty products, either for your daily hygiene or as a way to make up and feel much prettier (and handsome), it is quite possible that in your bathroom cabinet you have the odd Exfoliating product. We are in fact faced with a fundamental part of the routine of hygiene and beauty of many people, who Helps eliminate both dead cells and skin impurities. That is, it consists of a natural process in which a cellular renewal of our skin takes place by eliminating the dead cells present in the epidermis.

Among the different qualities that the exfoliation of our skin offers, especially when this process is carried out in an appropriate and habitual way, it becomes a wonderful option for show off a radiant, neat and beautiful skin.

The benefits of exfoliating your skin

Before explaining the steps and the basic guidelines to follow when it comes to exfoliate your skin properly and properly, it is interesting to discover some of its benefits and qualities, do not you think ?.

When skin exfoliation is performed routinely helps: cleanses and purifies the skin of the body, renews the cells, removes impurities and dead cells, activates micro-circulation, prevents hairs from becoming encyred, reduces dryness of the skin and applied in those areas where it has appeared is interesting to combat cellulite and reduce the presence of the skin known as orange peel.

How to exfoliate the skin correctly

To exfoliate your skin you need an exfoliating product in the first place. Currently you can find in the market a great diversity of exfoliants whose composition varies depending on the need that your skin may have, and which ultimately depend on the type of skin you have.

But did you know that you can also elaborate recipes exfoliants easily at home ?. An example is the honey mask About whose steps and ingredients we talked to you recently, and that besides being useful to exfoliate your skin, it brings you many more benefits and properties.

When exfoliating your skin you can use a exfoliating sponge that in addition to helping you apply it increases its qualities to cleanse the skin, or do it directly with your hands. For this you can put a little of the product or exfoliating recipe on your fingers and apply it on damp skin with the help of gentle circular massages. It is very important that before applying the exfoliant you have moistened your skin, otherwise you will damage it.

And after the scrub?

Once applied and spread the product through the skin of the body rinse with warm water and dry your skin carefully, using a soft towel.

To finish, apply body oil or moisturizer throughout your body, with what you will get to moisturize your skin and protect it.

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