How to heal cracked or cut hands

More and more people are concerned when caring for the skin of their hands, using products made exclusively and entirely with ingredients 100% natural, as a way of keep them young, prevent certain common problems and disorders, or simply to take care of them and protect them.

In fact, we can mention at this moment some of the most common problems, as for example is the case of dry hands waves cracked hands. In the first case there are different factors that can influence its appearance, especially highlighting cold air, washing hands with very cold water or very hot water, using cleaning products or detergents ...

In the second case we can say that the causes that cause the appearance of cracks in the hands are practically the same that cause dryness in the skin of the hands. Why? Fundamentally for something very simple: Dryness or dryness in the skin in turn causes the appearance of annoying cracks or small wounds, especially in the knuckles or in those areas that we flex more often. Also, the cracks caused by dryness can in turn lead to a marked dehydration of the skin, since these areas do not contain collagen or sebaceous glands as it happens with other areas of our body.

What are the symptoms of cracked hands?

The main symptom is the appearance of various cracks in certain parts of the hands. These cracks arise especially in the area of ​​the knuckles or those that tend to flex more.

As a result, these cracked areas become red, touch feel cut and dry, and can also hurt, hence cracked hands become a real problem for those who suffer.

Is it possible to prevent the appearance of cracks in the hands?

Although it is true that cracks in the hands can arise due to a great diversity of factors, it is possible to influence these causes and prevent their appearance.

At this point we must differentiate between cracks that appear in a timely manner by, for example, using certain chemicals, cracks that appear and are maintained chronically (for example, in case of allergy, dermatitis or eczema). In these cases the most recommended is to go to our dermatologist, who will investigate the cause.

You can follow some guidelines and basic tips that will help you positively when it comes to preventing the appearance of cracks in your hands:

  • Wash your hands with warm water, and never in excessAlthough hot water is useful to eliminate the presence of germs on the hands (and is essential when preventing the spread of certain infectious diseases), when washing our hands, it is usually best to use warm water, or very cold or very hot. On the other hand, it is not advisable to wash your hands repeatedly.
  • Whenever you use chemicals, wear gloves: Latex gloves help to prevent the appearance of cracks that arise as a result of the use of certain chemical products, whether detergents or cleaning products. Use them and put them on whenever you are going to use them, since these products negatively affect the pH of the skin.
  • Open your hands in winter: Although you do not believe it, the excessively cold climate influences the appearance of cracked hands, so this problem usually appears especially during the winter months. An excellent prevention option is to use cotton gloves or another type of natural fabric.
  • Apply moisturizer always: in the same way that the cold damages the health of the skin of the hands, the dry climate also. Therefore it is advisable to always use a natural moisturizer.

Natural tips to cure cracks in the hands

From a more natural point of view it is possible cure cracked and cut hands easily, either using only certain natural products or making homemade remedies easily at home:

  • Calendula cream: there is no doubt that calendula stands out as one of the most suitable plants to treat certain skin conditions. Currently you can easily find it in herbalists and pharmacies, although it is also easily done at home. In the same way that cream is useful, treating and relieving cracked hands can also help you calendula oil.

  • Aloe vera: aloe vera is probably one of the most popular and popular plants that exist when treating a very large diversity of skin problems and disorders. To obtain its juice you just have to cut one of its pointed leaves and let it rest on a small dish. Then, after spending a few minutes, put some of your pulp on the fingertips and apply it to your hands with gentle massage.
  • Vinegar: vinegar is a useful natural product to restore the pH balance of the skin, helping to retain moisture. In addition, it is very suitable to exfoliate and soften the skin. To apply it you simply have to put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and soak your hands in it.
  • Honey and olive oil: both natural ingredients are extremely interesting in the care of the skin, and very useful to treat cracked hands. To enjoy its qualities, mix olive oil and honey equally. Then apply it on your hands and let it act for 15 minutes. Finally remove with warm water.

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