How to heal the chakras with Tibetan bowls

The ancient oriental culture gives us new insights into the workings of our soul and our mind, and allows us to reach physical and mental balance through different paths. Today we will talk about how it is possible to achieve this state by healing the chakras with Tibetan bowls.

The Hindu culture maintains that there is a spiritual body (something that Westerners could assimilate to the idea of ​​the "soul"). This spiritual body is composed of a series of several vortices of energy, which we call chakras, which are housed in the 7 main regions of our body.

The 7 chakras they are (tracing the body from bottom to top): the root, the sacrum, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown.

The look of oriental traditions allows us to understand the universe as a whole in which each of its components (each cell, each atom) is in permanent vibration, and therefore, its movement and rhythm produce a sound - a frequency own- which is in harmony and balance with the rest of the elements.

However, these frequencies can be distorted, then become discordant, break the harmony. In those cases, what appears is imbalance and disease.

In cases of discordant frequencies, there are therapies for healing from sounds and vibrations. Tibetan bowls are instruments that emit very particular sounds and vibrations, an alpha wave that is similar to what the brain generates when it is in a state of meditation.

These waves are favorable to the generation of T lymphocytes that are essential in the functioning of our immune system. In this way, the body vibrates next to the bowl.

The Tibetan bowls They can provide multiple benefits to our body, since by balancing our energy body achieving the balance of each of the seven chakras. Its loudness can also clean our auric field.

The vibrations run through our spinal column and our nervous system, from which they reach each organ and cell harmonizing our entire body. Our health can be seen revitalized since the Tibetan bowls have positive effects in people suffering from muscle contractures, osteoarthritis, circulatory and neuronal problems, depression or stress.

The healing therapies with Tibetan bowls are very beneficial, however, when working around frequencies and energies, this practice may not be recommended for people with some particular characteristics.

Those who have a pacemaker or suffer from heart problems should not perform these massages with energy because this can interfere with the device. Those who have had any surgical intervention should consult with the therapist beforehand to determine if the use of Tibetan bowls is appropriate or not.

Those who have an implant with irons should also inform it since it will be advisable to apply greater precautions to avoid feeling pain during the session as a result of the metals in our body. The same in case of suffering some kind of brain problem.

Remember to always go to teachers with knowledge on the subject, since the use of Tibetan bowls requires great skill and experience.

How to heal and clean the chakras with Tibetan bowls at home

It is very simple. You just need to place yourself in a comfortable, relaxed place, where you are calm and nobody bothers you. Then sit on a chair or on an armchair, or on the floor trying to adapt the position of the lotus flower.

Now we are going to proceed to heal and clean our chakras: you just have to place the bowl at the height of your chest and carefully rub the mallet along its edges, forming circles slowly and without stopping. Little by little you will begin to hear a kind of vibrating sound.

Try to start, carefully, to move the bowl by placing it in front of your forehead while continuing to vibrate with the movement of the mallet (where our third eye is located). Place it now at the level of the throat. Go now to the heart, to the chest area, the abdomen and finally our pelvis.

It is advisable that while doing this cleaning and healing you are as calm and concentrated as possible. ThemesRelaxation

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