How to improve dark circles and reduce swelling under eye bags with these remedies

Both eye bags as the bags that are formed under the eyes are two mainly aesthetic problems that appear on the skin, in addition to quite common. The skin around the eye area is very thin and fragile.

In most people affected by these problems the genetic inheritance seems to be the cause according to experts in dermatology. In addition to the hereditary factor, tiredness is often also a common and frequent cause and even worse once they have appeared.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are not the same, so it would be convenient to define and know what is one thing and what is another. They consist of an alteration in the coloration of the skin, just where the venous sinus of the area is, so that dark color is due to the accumulation of blood.

The reasons why the dark circles could appear besides the genetic inheritance that we have already mentioned previously could be: lack of iron, loss of fat in that area of ​​the skin, fatigue, lack of sleep, age.

On the other hand, bags that form under the eyes that are also hereditary can appear for various reasons such as fat accumulation, fluid retention, blood or lymphatic circulation problems, loss of muscle tone.

The world of cosmetics usually encompasses the two problems together so we can find in the market creams to improve both dark circles and bags under the eyes.

If in addition to resorting to these products you like to resort to home remedies and natural you can prepare at home, then we provide home remedies.

Natural remedies to improve dark circles and bags under the eyes

Infusion of witch hazel for dark circles and bags under eyes

Witch hazel has excellent properties for the skin, is an ideal tonic with beneficial properties for improve circulation and reduce inflammation. We will prepare this infusion with a teaspoon of witch hazel and a cup of mineral water. We put the water to boil and when it is boiling we extinguish the fire, add the teaspoon of witch hazel and cover the infusion. Let stand for 10 minutes.

Uncover, strain the infusion and let it cool. Once cold, we put it in the fridge.

Application:We take the infusion out of the fridge and moisten a cotton or sterile gauze in the infusion. Next we put it on the dark circles.

Chamomile tea for bags under the eyes

The chamomile It has many beneficial properties for the eyes, and among them we highlight the decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties. To prepare this infusion we need a teaspoon of chamomile flowers and a cup of mineral water.

We put the water to boil and once grass, add the teaspoon of chamomile. Turn off the heat, cover the infusion and let it rest for 10 minutes. Uncover, strain the infusion and let it cool. We keep the tea in the fridge.

Application:We extract the infusion from the refrigerator and moisten with the infusion two cottons. We get comfortable and tip our heads back. Close the eyes and place over each eye a cotton ball, for 15 minutes.

Anti-dark clay mask, and floral waters of witch hazel and cornflower

This mask has decongestant and soothing effects and prepare it with a teaspoon of green or white clay, depending on the type of skin you have. The white mask is for sensitive skin, and the green mask for oily skin.

Mix a teaspoon of clay with a teaspoon of witch hazel floral water and another teaspoon of cornflower floral water. Mix until you get a cream.

Application:Carefully spread a little cream in the area under the eyes, taking care not to get in contact with the eyes. Let the mask act for 10 minutes. We wash well with cold water and dry gently without rubbing. This mask can be applied 3 times a week.

Anti-puff mask with white and green clay for bags in the eyes

In addition to the masks that we have proposed, we can also choose the White clay and for the green clay, with incredible benefits to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Mix half a teaspoon of green clay with half a teaspoon of white clay and add a teaspoon of chamomile floral water and cornflower water. We remove until forming a cream.

We spread a little mask over the eyelid bags taking care not to get in contact with the eyes. We will act for 10 minutes. Then remove the mask with cold water and dry gently and without rubbing. We can apply this mask 2 or 3 times a week.

Cold cucumber to reduce inflammation of the bags under the eyes

There's no doubt Cucumber is a popular traditional remedy for the treatment of dark circles. And, in addition, its preparation and application is extremely simple. Wash the cucumber and cut some cucumber wheels.Put them in the refrigerator to cool. When you need to deflate the eye bags, take out two cucumber wheels.

Get comfortable and lean your head back, close your eyes and put a cucumber wheel over each eye. Keep the wheels closed for 10 minutes.

Other useful elements to improve bags and dark circles

  • Use a cold mask:We can also choose the one known as cold mask, which is sold with liquid, prepared to cool in the fridge and use them cold at the time of need. As you surely know, the cold helps to reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels, and the congestion of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • Avoid these foods:Also our diet can help us a lot. Reduce the consumption of salt, since the salt in excess favors the retention of liquids in the body. On the other hand, another intake to reduce is that of dairy products of animal origin since its consumption in excess causes an increase in the circulation of toxins in our body., And one of the causes by which bags are formed in the eyes can be the retention of liquids.
  • Follow a healthy diet: The most recommended foods are raw fruits and vegetables, which can also be incorporated in the form of juices or juices. Among them we particularly suggest the carrot, the sprouts and the Omega-3 oil, which will help you to have a firm skin.
  • Sleep on your back:Sleeping face up and with a high pillow that allows us to have the head higher than the feet. Rest and sleep enough hours for the eyes to be rested.


Other natural tips to alleviate dark circles

Then we also expose other tips that will be of great help when it comes to alleviating dark circles naturally. Take note:

  • Rest well:Having regular adequate rest helps our body to absorb nutrients, to relax the nervous system and allows the whole body to be restored, achieving an effect that will immediately be seen in the eyes. For those who have problems to achieve a good rest, they should try to establish habits, such as always having the same schedule, dine light meals and as much as possible 2 hours before going to bed. It is also recommended to take a tea of ​​chamomile, lettuce, orange blossom or apple at night, or if you prefer to eat an apple. Of course we must avoid - or try to avoid - go to sleep worried, for which we can resort to aromatherapy or relaxing music.
  • Opt for natural treatments:Without resorting to expensive creams or special makeups, we can resort to very affordable and accessible elements to help reduce dark circles. It is already known that cold cucumber helps to decongest the area of ​​the eyes, reducing bags and dark circles. Another food that can help is also the potato. In any of the cases, cut the vegetables into slices and place them over the eyes for about 20 minutes. Also jojoba oil is useful to reduce dark circles. For this we must moisten a little cotton and apply it under the eyes. In addition, jojoba oil is a very good natural replacement to remove makeup and to improve skin hydration.
  • Plants and herbs can also help you:The phytotherapy is also a good natural remedy to eliminate dark circles. We just need to place chamomile tea bags over the eyes or directly a few drops of the chamomile tea. Other alternatives are arnica and calendula which are highly recommended to reduce inflammation of the lower eyelids.
  • Practice some of these exercises:The area where dark circles are characterized by a very delicate micro-blood and lymphatic circulation in this area, so we should sometimes help a little to avoid congestion and bulging. We must perform the following exercise: with your head upright and facing forward, close your eyes. Then, we must open it very slowly trying to look at the ceiling but without moving the head, as much as we can. Then, we close our eyes for a moment and repeat the exercise, always taking care not to feel pain.

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