How to increase physical and mental performance naturally

Increase both physical and intellectual performance in a completely natural way is possible, we just need to pay attention to the diet we normally carry out and include the food and habits necessary to achieve this end.

What we usually eat undoubtedly plays a very important role in the level of energy and endurance we need to face the day to day and our daily tasks.

Below we provide a series of tips as well as the foods that will benefit us and that will help us to make our body and our mind work better.

In addition to food it is very important to be well hydrated since hydration makes the levels of attention improve. The diet should be healthy and balanced and include foods that will give us more energy.

Know the foods that favor our physical and mental performance

We must include foods that help us to increase oxygen in the blood as this will help improve the performance of both the muscles and the brain for that would be ideal to include in our salads apples and beets, also taken in the form of juices.

Foods that provide energy such as nuts, eat a few a day and include it sprinkled on meats, fish, pasta dishes, salads, rice, and vegetables is a great option.

Pure chocolate from 55% cocoa is a fuel when you need a supply of vitality, we can take one or two squares at the moment of needing that push, we can also accompany it with rice pancakes, a piece of wholemeal bread, or a few nuts.

The energy bars especially those that combine cereals with dried fruits suppose a good contribution of energy at the same time that it is a healthy snack that helps us to give the necessary boost in the middle of the morning.

Choose foods made with wholemeal flour since this type of flour is richer in fiber, vitamins of group B, in minerals such as magnesium, these components will give us energy and help us to have a relaxed mind.

When it comes to sweetening a drink, tea, tea or coffee, it is better to opt for a little honey since honey gives us more energy than sugar.

The fruit is better to eat it whole to take better advantage of the fiber it contains than it is prepared in the form of juices, if we choose to take the fruit in juice it is better not to strain it and take it with the pulp.

How we should hydrate to improve our performance

In addition to following these tips on foods to which we must resort to give us more vitality and energy if you are an athlete or practice some form of exercise in a moderate way as we said above we must maintain a good level of hydration.

Being well hydrated both the muscles and the mind will work better and be in better shape also with what will improve the level of attention and fatigue will take longer to make its appearance.

These tips can be applied for moderate one-hour exercise. We must hydrate before, during and after the exercise. Take about 250 ml. of mineral water one or two hours before starting the exercise.

While, during the exercise, it is very useful to take a small bottle of mineral water.

After exercise take another small bottle of mineral water.

We can also resort in the event that the exercise is intense or long sessions to isotonic drinks because these drinks are absorbed more quickly than mineral water. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesExercise

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