How to know if a person is envious: signs and signals

The envy It is one of the worst evils that human beings have. It is based on having all kinds of feelings of anger toward another person for wanting what he has. Envious people usually have a lousy mood, offer negativity and try to destroy what they envy.

It is noteworthy that the word envy comes from Latin, invidere, what does it mean put on and look, that is, to look at something. Envious people have a double characteristic that identifies them. On the one hand, to want with all the forces to possess what one does not have and it's for other people, and on the other, wish that whoever has what we want, lose it. In this way, these types of people tend to have a high degree of negativity, which can end up destroying themselves and others.

According to the Spanish Coaching Association, if we opt for the desire for improvement without wanting to travel the necessary effort necessary for it, then we will be feeding negative feelings of envy towards others, because it is proven that we can not easily be like them. It is a defense mechanism that comes to blame the other for what is or has and we lack, "but we are not willing to try to achieve with effort".

Elements that help you know if a person is envious

The symptoms of envy

They always appear related to possession and may vary from one person to another. Although there are certain common symptoms that may be useful to know if someone you know may be envious of us.

Criticize others without stopping

Criticism can be constructive, sometimes. And there are also those who usually criticize by habit, now one of the symptoms of envy is related to this act. The envious are often people who criticize others continuously and also with evil. Normally, they criticize everyone, from friends to relatives and even to their partners. If you have a friend like that, watch out because I might be criticizing you too. And all this because of envy.

They do not support the success of another person

This class of people tend to get away from the others when the latter are successful in life. If they have managed to enter an opposition square, if they have achieved a good job, if everything goes well in the personal and professional ... these people do not usually rejoice in the successes of others. They do not usually congratulate, or be interested in this achievement, and move away from the person who succeeds because it is something they can not overcome.

Inferiority complex

Envious people often hide a deep sense of inferiority. And it comes from childhood because, because of education issues, they feel a great possession for their things and those of others. The fear of losing them due to some fact of the past is something that is gestating and, as adults, they project it with envy. They feel inferior to others because they do not possess what others have.

They do not trust themselves

Also from childhood appear other symptoms, such as loss of self confidence. This is caused because few people transmit the confidence they really need to grow as a human being. In this sense, follows the inferiority complex that moves to want to possess what is not theirs as a symbol that the more the better.

People who flee and do not help

An envious friend can be active when it comes to help you, but later disappear. That is, the envious when asked to be at his side and help, does not offer it. You will have excuses not to do so, because of the envy you may feel.

Envy as a positive effect

Not always envy is seen as something negative. That is, this feeling can become positive, because according to some anthropologists, envy can lead to a healthy struggle and competition, but in no case as something sickly that causes us to provoke the distance between people in society. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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