How to lighten recipes so they are more digestive and healthy

Lightening the recipes does not mean that we are going to start discounting calories. It consists of providing ideas for make our recipes lighter, easier to digest and therefore healthier.

Lighten the recipes without missing the necessary nutrients to cover all our nutritional needs. Not eating too much will be a sign of being healthy, Eat less and properly according to nutrition experts improve the quality of life and helps us to live healthier and can even lengthen the life.

Lightening the recipes will also come in handy especially if we are doing some diet to lose weight.

Useful tips to lighten dishes and sauces

How to prepare lighter sauces

Lightening our sauces is possible by substituting the ingredients with which we usually prepare them for lighter ones such as natural skimmed yogurt, mustard, soy sauce.

To make a lighter béchamel we can use skimmed milk, a pinch of cornstarch and a pinch of nutmeg, in this case we are replacing whole milk with skim milk, flour and butter.

Lighten the creams, and the vegetable purees with onions

When preparing creams or vegetable purees, it is better to replace the milk, cheese or cream with which we usually beat it with boiled onions.

The onion lightens the recipe while providing its depurative properties with what will help us to eliminate toxins from our body.

How to lighten rice dishes

Many times we present rice as a side dish accompanying meat or fish dishes.

If we want to make a recipe with slightly lighter rice, it would be convenient to accompany it with vegetables.

How to flavor meats and fish and keep it a light recipe

To flavor these dishes we just need to flavor them or season them with natural aromatic herbs such as oregano, rosemary, fresh thyme, curry, mint, cumin, paprika, pepper, or a few drops of lemon.

This way we will avoid adding fritters or sauces. We can also give them flavor while a light touch seasoning the meat and fish with a vinaigrette with lemon, orange or any other fruit and in this case we substitute the oil for the juice of these fruits.

A tablespoon of vinegar, a spoonful of lemon juice, a spoonful of mustard and a pinch of pepper, a pinch of salt.

Dress the salads with fruit vinaigrettes

Salads are in themselves light dishes, however there are times when you need to replace the oil with which we usually season it.

For these cases in which you need to lighten even more a salad we can resort to preparing a dressing with fruit juice and vinegar.

Join the cottage cheese and substitute it for the cheese

The cottage cheese is obtained from the whey of the cheese, its texture is grainy and soft, it is low in fat, and calories, easy to digest, it is a perfect substitute for cheese.

We can eat it as a dessert, or include it in salads, in creams, purées, fillings, sandwiches, sandwiches.

Use the garnish of roasted tomatoes

Instead of accompanying the dishes of meat, fish, pasta with French fries, use the roasted tomatoes to present them as a side dish accompanying these dishes.

We can also replace the roasted tomato with aubergines or roasted peppers and thus we have the possibility to alternate and vary our recipe.

Garnish with apple compote ...

The applesauce can also be used as garnish to accompany meat dishes, providing the apple as a side dish we benefit from its digestive properties, and will help us lighten this dish and improve digestion.

... And also choose it as a dessert

We do not have to give up the dessert, we just have to look for other lighter options such as fruit compotes.

Apple compote is ideal, it is digestive, light and at the same time it satisfies us.

To vary the dessert we can resort to other options also light as a piece of fresh fruit, pineapple in its juice, roasted apples, boiled fruits like pears and aromatize with a little cinnamon.

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