How to make a cheese flan with this delicious recipe

If you are willing to eat a really delicious and succulent dessert we have some recipes that you can not miss. A little work in the kitchen and you will have an ideal dessert with a few euros to share with your family. On this occasion we propose you a wonderful Cheese flan, a light and fresh dessert ideal to enjoy after a meal with family or friends, and unique for spring and summer because it is a dessert served cold.

Although it may be possible that you do not like sweets so much, and that you prefer dishes or salty recipes. If so, you can also choose delicious ones salty puddings, that maintain the same texture as the typical sweet custards, but with a basic difference: they are salty.

Returning to the case at hand, the cheese flan is a very traditional dessert. Its ingredients are simple and nutritious, so you probably already have many of them in the fridge right now. You can also play giving different accompaniments, such as the typical and always delicious caramel, a generous spoonful of cream, chocolate sauce, or whatever else you enjoy.

Traditional Cheese Flan Recipe

When we make the classic version of the flan of cheese that is accompanied with caramel, we must first take care of preparing the molds. If you want to make the candy yourself - instead of using the purchased liquid candy - you should heat on a low heat 120 grams of sugar together with half a glass of water in a small frying pan.

Stir gently until both ingredients melt and take the color of caramel. Be careful not to get too dark or bitter.

Once you have the candy you put it in the flanera, you must do it quickly to avoid that when it gets cold it solidifies. Of course, be careful not to splash or even less to taste the hot caramel or remember that burn for a long time! It is time to heat the oven to 200 degrees.

To make the flan of cheese you will need cream cheese (300 grams) the better it is, the more delicious the dessert will be. We beat it together with 300 grams of condensed milk, 8 eggs, 100 grams of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence to flavor. We must obtain a very creamy mixture. At that point we add half a liter of whole milk, and beat again.

In a bowl where we can beat, we are going to throw the cream cheese, the eggs, the sugar, the condensed milk and a teaspoon of vanilla essence, and we are going to beat everything to mix it well. We can use rods in the blender to obtain a better result. Once we have mixed these ingredients forming a creamy mass, add the milk and beat again to obtain a homogeneous mass with all the ingredients well integrated between them.

We pour the mixture of the flan in the molds that we had previously caramelized, and we are going to put these molds in a wide container to make the watering. It must be a container suitable for oven and that is large enough to fit all the molds. After putting the molds we will pour water until it covers about two thirds of the molds of flan, and when the oven is at the indicated temperature we put the container and bake for about 40-45 minutes, time in which the puddings will be well made inside and with good color on top.

Before removing them we found that inside they are well set. Once we take them out, let them temper and then put them in the fridge to cool completely before eating them.

Cream Cheese Leche Flan (June 2024)