How to make a depurative and slimming pineapple tea

Among the different properties of the pineapple to lose weight we find that it is a fruit that, in addition to delicious, is interesting as a food to be included in slimming diets, because it acts as a good natural fat burning.

We can not forget that it is a very diuretic and depurative fruit, so it is ideal to prevent the retention of liquids so characteristic when there is excess weight, and also helps naturally burn the fats of our body (due to its content in bromelain).

On the other hand, noted for its high fiber content, quality that translates into helping to prevent and reduce constipation, by improving the functioning of our intestines. In addition, it is useful to regulate traffic.

Although it is best to consume it whole and fresh, especially to fully enjoy all its benefits and properties, it is also possible to make it delicious pineapple tea, in which we also combine the equally slimming virtues of green tea. We explain how to make it.

Pineapple tea recipe


To make this wonderful tea you need 2 teaspoons of green tea, half pineapple and 1 liter of water.

Preparation of pineapple tea:

First cut the pineapple, reserve the other half and with which you are going to use for the preparation of the peel tea carefully, removing the back.

Place the shell of that half pineapple in a saucepan of water, to which you must add the liter of water. Let the infusion boil.

Just when it starts to boil, let the drink continue for about 2 minutes.

After this time turn off the fire, cover and let rest another 3 minutes. Finally strain the drink and drink.

How to drink pineapple tea:

It is advisable that this tea is preferably taken on an empty stomach, starting at the beginning for a cup and as the days go by you can continue to increase amounts until a maximum of 2 cups a day.

The benefits of pineapple tea

Purifying drink ideal for eliminating toxins

We have a very powerful drink especially from a depurative point of view, ideal to eliminate all those toxins that our body has produced and that has been accumulating over time.

That is, it is an interesting drink as a detoxifier.

Help eliminate liquids

In addition to its depurative qualities, Pineapple tea is also an excellent diuretic. This benefit means that helps to eliminate liquidsthat our body tends to retain, adequate to reduce excess water.

Therefore it is a useful drink when we suffer from retention or accumulation of fluids, especially when we tend to eat a lot of salt, we sit for a long time or even suffer problems in our circulatory system.

Very digestive natural drink

We have already told you that pineapple tea is an excellent diuretic and a great cleanser, which thanks to its qualities helps eliminate toxins and reduce fluid accumulation.

On the other hand, we can not forget something fundamental: It is a tremendously digestive natural drink, useful when it comes to avoiding digestive and stomach problems related to constipation and gas. That is, it helps to improve digestions and make them much easier.

Useful in weight loss diets

Another of the qualities that we find in pineapple tea is that is an ideal drink in diets to lose weight, because it helps our body to burn fats better, preventing excessive accumulation. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesTea

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