How to make a depurative celery juice: 5 recipes to eliminate liquids and toxins

The celery It is a plant species belonging to the family of Apiaceous. It is a plant with a large number of health benefits hidden under its prominence and use in the kitchen, being a powerful depurative, eliminating the impurities that the body possesses through its diuretic function.

It is also a blood regenerator, being also an assistant in the formation of dental enamel and diminished liver diseases; celery also fights infections, helps the elimination of kidney stones, improves memory and being used dermatologically can be effective as a scar.

On the other hand, it helps fight rheumatism, overweight, nervous ailments and scanty menstruation, not to mention that celery juice is one of the most common to achieve an effective and healthy diet.

There are many benefits that this plant offers and that not many people know. Next, we will show you 5 recipes to prepare the celery juice in a refreshing and delicious way, in order that you can enjoy all the advantages that this plant brings to your body and organism so that you can live a more optimal and healthy life with the help of this incredible plant.

5 delicious recipes of celery juice

Celery and pineapple juice

A tasty juice for your breakfast lunches or dinners, highly healthy and with a nice enough flavor, will give you a lot of energy for your daily activities.

The only thing you need to prepare is a half cup of water, a slice of peeled pineapple, 2 tablespoons of amaranth seed, a stalk of celery, crushed ice; After this you can enjoy a delicious and healthy smoothie and if you like, you can add a recommended dose of protein powder.

Celery and orange juice

Another delicious juice; For this one will use a stalk of celery, two oranges, bay leaves and a prickly pear cactus. Extract the juice from the oranges, proceed to cut the celery into slices, also cut the stalk in the same way and crush the laurel, then blend all the ingredients and wait until they have mixed well.

Celery juice with parsley, blueberries and orange

In this preparation we will use parsley, celery, oranges, honey, oats, blueberries and nuts, squeezing the oranges, cutting the celery and parsley and preparing the other ingredients and mixing them we will obtain a delicious juice that can accompany our favorite foods.

Celery, apple and carrot juice

Being a classic and one of the best known combinations, this recipe is good for preparing the skin before a sunbathing, with the ability to delay cell aging and stimulate liver functions, also serves to treat anemia.

The ingredients for this powerful recipe are: a stalk of celery without the leaves, an apple, 4 carrots, and half a lemon squeezed; try to clean the vegetables well and then peel them carefully, cut them into slices and then place them in the blender and proceed with the mixture of the ingredients, then, if you like, strain them and proceed to take this tasty smoothie.

Celery, ginger and carrot juice

For those who suffer from colds and flu in a usual way, this delicious beverage helps treat those diseases, also being helpful with certain allergies. The ingredients as the name implies are 2 stalks of celery, 4 medium carrots and 1 slice of fresh peeled ginger.

Proceed to peel the 4 carrots and then cut them into thin slices, do the same with the 2 stalks of celery, then proceed to place these in the blender together with the ginger and then blend until you get a creamy consistency, if you wish you can add water to the juice and also a spoonful of honey.

Celery is a plant that has an innumerable list of benefits that everyone should know to take advantage of and include this in their daily meals; of a simple preparation, with the recipes shown above you can prepare delicious and very nutritious juices in a short time and with easy-to-find ingredients, just go into the kitchen and start cooking your new favorite celery juices. ThemesJuice recipes

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