How to make a detoxifying pomegranate juice

The pomegranate is the fleshy fruit of the pomegranate, a tree that we find both in tropical and subtropical zones. As regards the fruit, it is a highly characteristic food, with a globose appearance and a size larger than that of an apple, with a hard bark and a brown to red color, inside which we find wonderful ones. seeds that ultimately are the main ones that bring their incredible qualities, properties and benefits.

It is a fruit known to be characteristic of autumn, although it is true that in several developed countries it is possible to find it in the summer months. In fact, it becomes a fruit of choice for the hottest months of the year for its refreshing qualities. It is even possible to find it throughout the year.

When it comes to enjoying its different benefits there are two basic options. The first, and most usual, is to consume their fresh and whole seeds. To achieve this, it is necessary to cut the pomegranate in half and try to extract its seeds by lightly hitting the hard rind with the help of a spoon. On the other hand, Another ideal option is to make a wonderful pomegranate juice.

How to prepare the juice of pomegranates

Actually making pomegranate juice is extremely simple and easy. You only need the ingredients that we indicate below, and follow the necessary preparation steps.

Ingredients needed

  • 1 or 2 grenades
  • Honey, stevia or whole cane brown sugar (optional)

Steps to make the juice of pomegranates

Although it is possible to prepare pomegranate juice by liquefying the seeds in the blender, there is a much simpler option since it is not necessary to extract your seeds with a spoon.

Just use your juicer (yes, the same one with which you make orange or lemon juice), wash the pomegranates well, cut them in half and squeeze them well. You will notice that some seeds will remain attached to the juicer. If so, you can consume them whole without crushing them.

Since this juice will have a somewhat harsh flavor, if you wish you can sweeten it with honey, brown sugar or stevia.

It is a juice with incredible detoxifying benefits, so to take advantage of its qualities it is best to try to consume a glass of this juice a day.

The properties of pomegranate juice

As we indicated in the previous lines, the juice of pomegranates surprises especially for its recognized curative, preventive and protective qualities. In particular, it stands out for the following properties:

  • Helps to take care of cardiovascular healthThanks to its richness in antioxidants, pomegranate juice is ideal to take care of our heart and cardiovascular health in general, being useful to clean the arteries while reducing high cholesterol and triglycerides levels.
  • Reduces high blood pressureIn addition to taking care of our cardiovascular health, the juice of pomegranates favors and improves blood circulation, which is why it is very interesting to reduce high blood pressure.
  • Depurative of the kidneys: mostly because of its high potassium content. It is useful to purify the kidneys naturally, as well as to prevent fluid retention.
  • Great antioxidant power: precisely because of its richness in antioxidants pomegranate juice is very interesting when it comes to providing these essential nutrients to our body, so it helps to reduce the negative effects of free radicals.

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