How to make a ginseng tea and its qualities for health

Did you know that there are different ginseng varieties? It is very possible that you only know the Korean ginseng because it is definitely one of the most used varieties (since it tends to be one of the most used in the preparation of capsules of extracts with ginseng), but there are also two other options that should not be underestimated: the one known as Siberian ginseng and the american ginseng.

In fact, when we are going to elaborate a ginseng tea we must see that the variety we use is Korean or Chinese, precisely because of the different qualities it offers (although it is true that the vast majority of the three options share properties since they belong to the same family).

What is ginseng tea?

Ginseng tea is a wonderful medicinal beverage that allows us to enjoy all the healing and preventive qualities of this delicious food. It is usually made with Chinese or Korean ginseng, although the truth is that you can use other varieties, such as Siberian ginseng or American ginseng.

All these varieties belong to the family of the Araliaceae, and are characterized by being fleshy and thick, which with the passage of time can get to adopt a shape that reminds a lot that of the human figure, so it is a root easily distinguishable and extremely characteristic

The taste of this tea is slightly spicy, and very aromatic, so it is recommended to drink it alone without adding any other ingredients. However, it is possible to add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon, so that its qualities increase considerably.

The benefits of ginseng tea

  • Improves stress resistance: ginseng is an adaptogen so it is an agent capable of improving and increasing the resistance of our body to stress, improving in turn our own vitality in general.
  • Improves physical and mental performance: Being an adaptogen also helps to improve our physical and mental capacity, being very suitable to work when we need an extra contribution of energy (especially at certain times or times when it is common to feel more tired or fatigued).
  • Increase defenses: thanks to the fact that it increases immunological resistance and strengthens our immune system, by increasing the activity of white blood cells and promoting the formation of antibodies.
  • Improves the sexual function of man: by promoting erectile function, so it is a useful natural option to prevent premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction when it is caused by emotional stress (stress or anxiety).
  • Improve our mood: by improving our mental performance also helps to raise our spirits, so a regular consumption of ginseng tea is useful to feel better emotionally.
  • Purify the bloodHelps to purify the blood eliminating toxins and impurities present in the blood circulation. That's why it reduces cholesterol. In addition, it is an excellent remedy to take care of our cardiovascular health.

How to make ginseng tea

Ingredients that you need

To make this tea you need 1 Korean ginseng (also known as Chinese ginseng or red ginseng) and the equivalent of 1 cup of water.

Steps to prepare ginseng tea

First cut the red ginseng into thin slices. Place some of these slices in the cup where you are going to serve the tea.

Now put the equivalent of a cup of water in a saucepan and let it boil. Just when it starts to boil add the water to the cup with the slices of ginseng. Let stand for 5 minutes, covering the cup with the help of a small plate.

Fact! When the tea has cooled a little you can drink it. If you want you can sweeten with honey.

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