How to make a green kiwi and spinach smoothie

The truth is that both vegetables and fruits are natural foods that, in addition to healthy and interesting from a nutritional point of view, also stand out for being extremely versatile. So much, that it is possible to develop wonderful fruit juices Y natural fruit smoothies in which to combine a good amount of these delicious natural foods.

The reality is that the possibilities are incredible, since in its great majority many fruits, vegetables, vegetables and vegetables are combined and get along very well. Of course, it is advisable to always keep in mind that mix fruits determined may not be so adequate, as they can generate toxic ferments or different chemical reactions that can be harmful to our body.

This time we will learn to make a delicious Green smoothie in which we will use only 3 ingredients: kiwi, spinach and vegetable milk (you can choose your favorite and the one you like, from almond milk to rice milk, to oat milk or soy milk). Of course, keep in mind that it is possible that vegetable milk tends to vary a bit the flavor of the shake.

Recipe to make a kiwi and spinach smoothie with vegetable milk

Ingredients that you need

To make this wonderful green smoothie you only need 2 kiwis, 1 handful of spinach and 1 glass of your favorite vegetable milk.

Steps to prepare the kiwi and spinach smoothie

First wash well and peel the kiwis, cut them into pieces and put them in the glass of the blender. Wash the spinach well, cut into small pieces and add them to the glass. Finally, add the vegetable milk and whisk it all well.

It is preferable not to sweeten it, although if you wish, it is best to opt for honey, stevia or brown sugar cane. You can also choose other equally natural options, as for example is the case of panela or cane molasses.

The benefits of this smoothie

There is no doubt that we are faced with a milkshake extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

The Kiwi, for example, stands out for being a fruit very rich in vitamin C which intervenes actively in the defense of our body against infectious diseases. As well It is very rich in fiber, so it is an ideal natural food to improve our intestinal transit. On the other hand, we must mention the presence of propeolytic acid, which helps fight high cholesterol and improves blood circulation.

The spinach, on the other hand, they are very rich in vitamin C, betacaroenos (provitamin A), vitamins of group B and E. It is a very antioxidant food, which also stands out for its richness in folic acid, essential for our nervous system. It also provides potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and coenzyme Q-10, very useful for fight fatigue.

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