How to make a green tea cake Matcha (Matcha Kasutera)

Today, and for many centuries now, we can enjoy different varieties of Green Tea, which not only provide us with different nutritional and medicinal properties and benefits; they also offer us the possibility of enjoying a whole set of organoleptic qualities in terms of flavor, aroma and even color or tonality.

As you surely know, Japan stands out precisely for having a great teapot tradition, where there is even a ritual to take it every day and where in fact we can find a wide variety of varieties.

In what has to do with the different types of Japanese green tea, we can find thecommon tea popularly known as the Bancha tea, thejade dew (Gyokuro tea), thetea with grain of toasted rice(Genmaicha tea), thecovered tea(Kabusecha tea), thestems tea (Kukicha tea), thetoasted tea(Sencha tea) and thetoasted tea(known as Hojicha tea).

But this time we want to tell you about a delicious variety, and characteristic in terms of flavor and texture. And is that who does not know the wonderful features of the Matcha tea? Also know as Matcha green tea, is the tea par excellence that is commonly used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and it stands out for being a very ground tea with a very characteristic green hue.

In fact, it is these qualities in terms of texture and appearance, which make it a green tea that is not only used in the making of the beverage itself. It is also widely used in the kitchen, where it is common to include it as a main ingredient in the preparation of Japanese classic desserts, as well as in delicious biscuits and also in refreshing ice creams.

In Japan it is very popular to make a delicious Matcha green tea sponge cake, where it is traditionally known asMatcha kasutera.

It is a cake made with powdered green tea to which the traditional ingredients of the cake are added: eggs, sugar, flour, milk and cornstarch. After cooking it has a very curious appearance, since the top acquires a golden hue when roasting the sponge cake, but inside telling it we will distinguish a striking green tone characteristic of this variety of Japanese tea.

Recipe to make a delicious matcha tea cake

The ingredients that we propose on this occasion is for the preparation of a cake for up to 8 people.

Ingredients needed:

For the cake we need 30 gr. of green tea Matcha powder, 5 whole eggs, 4 egg yolks, 180 gr. of sugar, 50 gr. of flour, 13 gr. of cornstarch and 30 ml. milk.

For the preparation of the meringue we need 5 egg whites and 70 gr. of sugar.

Steps to make Matcha tea cake:

As you will see below, the truth is that the preparation of this wonderful cake is extremely easy and simple. It only takes a little patience and perseverance, especially during the preparation of the meringue.

Go for it. First beat the 5 eggs in a large bowl. Add the 4 egg yolks and then the sugar, and beat it all again.

In another bowl, assemble the 5 egg whites together with the 70 grams of sugar, until stiff until you make the meringue.

Once ready, the meringue mixes the flour with the cornstarch and Matcha tea, and sieve it all together.

Carefully put together in a new bowl the mixture of egg, sugar and egg yolks, with the meringue and the combination of flour, cornstarch and powdered green tea. Add the milk.

Grease a rectangular mold with the help of a little butter (you can use a non-stick oven paper if you do not want to add butter). Pour the mixture into the mold.

Bake at 200ºC for 35-40 minutes (or until you notice that the cake has been roasted at the top). If you want to make sure it is ready remember that you can use a wooden stick or a knife, if you click the sponge cake and it comes out clean it will be finished.

How to make Matcha tea cake with butter

You can also choose to make a matcha tea cake following some simpler steps, replacing the butter merengue on this occasion. The result is equally delicious.

Ingredients you need:

To make this version we need 2 tablespoons of Matcha tea, 65 gr. of butter, 65 gr. of icing sugar, 1 egg, 65 gr. of flour and half a teaspoon of powdered levadora.

Steps to prepare this version:

First leave the butter at room temperature until it is soft. Then preheat the oven to 180ºC.

With the help of an electric mixer beat the butter with the icing sugar. Add the eggs and continue beating until a perfectly integrated mixture is formed.You can do it by hand, but using the blender will help the ingredients are better integrated.

Mix the flour with the yeast and strain it. Add the Matcha tea and add this mixture to the bowl with the eggs and the icing sugar. Stir well with the blender again so that everything is well integrated.

Grease a mold with a little butter and pour the mixture. Cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until it is well toasted and the inside is done. Ready!. ThemesSponge cake recipes

How to Make MATCHA CASTELLA (Japanese Green Tea Sponge Cake) (June 2024)