How to make a homemade herbal marc

The marc is a schnapps which is obtained from the distillation of the grape marc. And what are grape marcs? They basically consist of the different and different residues left over from the winemaking process, which have no use in the previous elaboration of it. It is constituted as a very popular traditional drink where a selective and fine extraction of the different aromatic components present in the pomace is carried out, fermenting and distilling the leftovers of the grape must.

It is generally characterized as a clear liquid, although when it is a little older and becomes old, its color changes from transparent to bright amber. This same shade is acquired when they have been placed in oak barrels, where they acquire different characteristics at the time of distillation. Its alcoholic volume is quite high, usually ranging between 45% and 50%.

Of course, when preparing orujo we must take into account that its preparation is a regulated activity, extremely dangerous if carried out by amateurs, because if the distillation is not carried out properly it may lead to obtaining of methyl alcohol, a very toxic substance that can cause permanent blindness or death.

For this reason, when we are going to prepare some type of marc at home, it is always best to first acquire the marc that has already been prepared, and then make the marc we want, as is the case, for example. homemade herbal marc about whose recipe we speak to you today.

Herbal marc recipe to make at home

Ingredients you need:

  • Herbs: mint, lemon verbena, basil, chamomile, rosemary, cinnamon and cloves.
  • 1 liter of pomace brandy.
  • 500 gr. of brown sugar
  • 500 ml. of water

Preparation of the herb pomace:

First put all the herbs, spices and plants in a glass bottle ideal for liquors, or in a glass container with airtight seal. Then add the pomace brandy and cover the container. Let it stand for 2 weeks, always in a place where there is no moisture and it is dark.

After 15 days put in a large saucepan the water and the indicated amount of brown sugar, and mix well little by little until it forms a kind of syrup. Then turn off the heat and let it cool a bit. Once cold add it to the preparation of the previous herb brandy, cover and let it marinate for another 2 weeks.

Finally, filter the contents carefully separating the herbs from the liquid. Ready! You can now enjoy your homemade herbal marc serving it in a liqueur glass.

Contraindications of the marc of herbs

Since it is a drink with a very high alcohol content, its consumption is not recommended at certain times and conditions.. For example, it is not advisable to take it during pregnancy and lactation, before the consumption of drugs or drugs and in people with liver problems or diseases.

Nor is it recommended for children and, ultimately, for anyone who has contraindicated alcohol consumption.


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