How to make a honey and almond nougat, homemade and Christmas candy

Just the name of this candy alone smells like Christmas: honey and almond nougat. This sweet we can consider it as a homemade honey nougat and almond, with the difference that we can elaborate it in such a way that they look like small pieces. It is more, it is very easy to elaborate and does not require a lot of time to elaborate it.

Both almonds and honey are two products that are part of many sweets that are made at Christmas, such as nougat, alfajores, almonds, polvorones, marzipan or known as imperial cake.

And there is no doubt that Christmas stands out precisely because of this: not only because it gives us the chance to enjoy parties in the company of the people we love most, but also because of the wide diversity of recipes and wonderful dishes that we can eat these days . An example is precisely all those typical Christmas sweets, which we can buy in Christmas markets or even easily make them at home.

In regard to this nougat about whose recipe we want to talk to you on this occasion, if perhaps we did not get the almonds in granites we can use a chopper, crusher or a knife and make them granites.

Recipe of honey and almond nougat


  • 150 gr. of granulated almonds.
  • 250 ml. of flowers honey or bee.
  • 300 grams of sugar.

Preparation of honey and almond nougat:

In a saucepan or heater put the honey and sugar to boil.

Once it is boiling, remove from the heat.

Add the almonds and stir to mix well.

We take a piece of baking paper and spread it on the countertop.

Then pour the mixture we have prepared on the paper and with the help of a spatula we extend it so that we have a height of 2 cm.

Cover the mixture we have spread with another piece of baking paper.

Let cool cover and when it is cold without removing the paper that covers it we cut into pieces or squares or making rhombuses as you like or you are more comfortable.

At the time of serving we will present it with the paper above and when we go to taste it we will take away the paper. ThemesChristmas Christmas Recipes

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