How to make a relaxing bath at home

When you are going through a time of stress or anxiety you know that there are many easy and simple tricks to lower those revolutions and feel better. From the feeding -with a green juice or an infusion- to the music or the practice of physical exercise. In short, in our day to day in reality we have at our disposal a wide variety of useful tools to reduce the nerves and calm down.

But, it is true, few things are as pleasant as a good relaxing bath. Their health benefits They are obvious: it helps us to relax in a totally natural way, it is useful against nervous tension and stress, improves insomnia, relieves and calms the pains of muscles and joints and is also extremely positive for our skin.

And how could it be less, this time we give you all the keys to turn your bathroom into a small and intimate spa.

I remember the first time I went to what would be my new apartment and I saw that beautiful white tub ... If you have the possibility to do a good dip bath, a suitable atmosphere, lights or candles, aromas and some more tricks they will allow you to forget the vertigo of work and the street. And yes, it is quite possible that you want to stay until you look well wrinkled ... Well, to take note that here we bring you many tips to prepare a good relaxing bath at home.

Some of these tips that we will begin with will not seem to come from a fairy tale, but they are no less valid for that reason. If the obvious, you may find yourself in the middle of your bathroom thinking about it, instead of relaxing.

Useful tips before preparing your relaxing bath

  • Take your time. No one can relax if he closes his eyes for a moment and is aware that how many minutes have passed, because he is late for an appointment or has left the eaten in the oven.
  • If there is someone else at home, let him know that you will take some time to be calm. There is nothing more frustrating than to be starting to relax and be knocked on the door every time to ask something, to hurry to leave the bathroom. Nothing of that!
  • Make sure the space you will be in is neat and orderly. This detail will avoid distractions and make the environment more pleasant.
  • It is advisable to take a short shower before, so that the water in the bathroom will be cleaner and more pleasant.
  • Regulates water at a comfortable temperatureA warm bath should not make you feel overwhelmed by the heat, just like it is not relaxing to shiver in the middle of the bathtub.

How to prepare the relaxing bath

Then we have to attend to the classic elements of a good relaxing bath. It is best to place some drops of essential oils. About 8 drops is enough for the water to take on the aroma and properties of the chosen oil.

And which are the most appropriate? The lavender It is a classic for these baths for its relaxing effect. Or you can also choose bath salts, for this you will need two cups.

You should not miss the background music, at a volume not very strong, especially if it is relaxing. Always remember that if you use a device that is plugged in, you should be away from the bathtub and not get wet. The same if you decide to set the bathroom with some candles, you have to place them in safe places, where there is no danger of burning anything.

To give the last touch, keep a glass of some drink that you like and something delicious to eat, I think, for example, a very cold cherries are ideal. When leaving wrap yourself with the softest towel you have and lie down on the bed.

Well with all these tips, we hope you can find that relaxation that you need ... it is only a few steps away. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesRelaxation

5 Tips on How To: Have a Relaxing Bath Experience (June 2024)