How to make baked apple for gastritis

Among the digestive and stomach diseases and disorders that ultimately tend to affect our digestive system, we can basically find two: stomach flu, which consists of a swelling of the intestine caused by a virus or a bacterium, and the gastritis, characterized by Irritation of the gastric mucosa. Since in both diseases or conditions our stomach is resentful, the most useful and recommended is to follow a diet especially designed for delicate stomachs; that is, one that only contains foods that help protect the stomach and do not overload it.

In the particular case of gastritis, for example, we can mention the soft diet for gastritis, in which certain foods and food products that are not recommended for good digestive health are eliminated (especially in these cases), and others that are ideal are recommended. Among the undesirable foods we can mention: spices, sauces, fried and canned foods, seasoned foods, sausages, butter, margarine, soft drinks and coffee alone. While, among the advisable, we can mention: boiled rice, raw or cooked carrots, roasted or boiled potatoes, boiled or baked fish, toast, low-fat liquid yogurt and cooked pear, ripe banana or baked or roasted apple.

The truth is the apple is an ideal food to cure the stomach, being especially useful in case of both gastritis and gastroenteritis. However, given that when consumed raw it can make our stomach suffer even more, the key is to roast or bake it. This time we explain how to make roasted apple, very easy and in a few minutes.

What do you need? Ingredients:

  • 2 or 3 apples

Steps to make the roasted apples:

  1. Wash the apples very well.
  2. Put the oven at 160ºC of temperature. Cook the apples in it for 25-30 minutes, on low heat to avoid burning.
  3. After this time will be ready.

As basic tips to keep in mind, we recommend that the temperature of the oven never exceed that indicated in this recipe, in this way you will prevent them from burning. If you wish, you can take them at breakfast, at snack or as a dessert (however, remember that if you have gastritis is not advisable to overload the stomach a lot).

Image | Ulises Estrada

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