How to make bread at home without mother dough

The bread It is a very consumed food every day by millions of families in practically the whole world, but especially in our country, where it is common to eat it alone, accompanied with delicious recipes, or stuffed with sausages, jam or cheeses, among others.

And, precisely, although it tends to be a tremendously nutritious food at low cost in terms of price, surely at some point you have wondered how to make bread at home.

And is that a good homemade bread, especially prepared by ourselves can be much more special than buying it already done, thanks to that we had a good time elaborating it, at the same time that we know how to do it.

For all this, we propose a recipe for making homemade breadas delicious as exquisite. Do you dare to prepare it ?. Although if you prefer a more comprehensive option we encourage you to prepare the delicious Rye bread that we have elaborated other times.

How to make bread at home: simple recipe without sourdough


  • 750 g. Of flour
  • 30 g. of yeast
  • 400 ml. of warm water)
  • Half a tablespoon of salt

Steps to make bread at home:

1. First sift the flour and san. Make it inside a deep container.

2. Warm a little bit of water and dissolve the yeast in it.

3. Incorporate now on the flour.

4. Mix until you get a firm paste. It must also be sticky.

5. Flour a surface on which you can work extensively. Knead until elastic.

6. When the mass acquires a ball shape, place it in the deep container.

7. Cover with transparent film, let it stand for one to two hours (you must acquire double its volume).

8. Once this time has passed, he kneads again and forms a new ball.

9. Let it rest for a quarter of an hour.

10. After this time forms a new ball and cap.

11. Finally, let it ferment until it doubles its volume again.

12. Now is the time to preheat the oven a little 220ºC, but with a container with water inside (provides moisture).

13. After 20 minutes, remove the water.

14. Leave to bake 15 minutes.

15. Reduce the temperature to 180º C, and keep it that way until the cooking is finished.

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