How to make green shoots at home

There is no doubt that inside the protective cover of the seeds we find the embryo of a new plant, inside which in turn we distinguish all the necessary nutrients to boost its germination and feed it. Therefore, the buds They are extremely healthy and healthy, especially if they are organic and if we also make them ourselves at home.

But for the outbreak to be adequate it is imperative that the seed is healthy, counting in turn with the appropriate doses of oxygen, humidity and heat. It is what is technically known as germination process (for that reason they are also known by the name of germinated), and during this process the seeds are transformed into an already predigested food, increasing their contribution and nutritional value, even increasing by five.

And what does it mean that they are predigested foods? Very simple, basically consist of foods that for digestion there is less effort to our digestive system.

What are outbreaks and why are they so important to our health?

The shoots are a very complete food from a nutritional point of view, which are obtained from the germination of the seeds by a simple process that takes into account certain conditions, as for example is the case of temperature and humidity.

For this reason they are considered as foods full of vitality, because in reality we are facing one of the few foods that we consume when they are still alive. And with an added advantage: they are available at any time of the year, it only takes a week to obtain them and they are also very easy to make at home.

Its nutritional composition is comparable to that for example we can find in fruits, vegetables and vegetables, with a very important difference: the buds are much richer in enzymatic qualities and chlorophyll, useful for its revitalizing benefits, for the prevention of anemia and antitoxic .

Make your own buds at home, step by step

The germination process of the seeds is actually very simple. So much so that you can make your own buds and germinate easily at home. You only need organic seeds, that do not have pesticides, have not been manipulated, nor damaged, nor toasted. You can choose those that you like the most: alfalfa sprouts, sunflower, peas, lentils ...

What I need?

  • The seeds themselves
  • 1 fine sieve
  • 1 cloth gauze
  • 1 glass jar
  • 1 elastic band or rubber band

How to make the shoots at home ?:

To achieve this you just have to follow the steps that we indicate below:

1. First rinse the raw seeds under the tap with a fine sieve. It is better to use only cold water.

2. Put them in a glass jar and add twice as much water. Let them soak overnight (or at least for 12 hours).

3. In the morning, or after 12 hours of rigor, put a cloth gauze as a cap and secure it with a rubber band or elastic band. Then pour the boat to remove all the water.

4. Now go back to repeating the process by refilling the can with twice as much water. Replace the gauze and empty the water bottle again. So several times, so that finally in the last rinse you end up shaking the pot with energy so that the seeds are loose and do not pile up.

5. Leave the bottle upside down in a place with a warm and airy temperature, where it does not give direct light. Repeat the rinse process with water and drain three times a day.

6. You will check how between 3 and 7 days your shoots will have germinated. However, if you want the buds to have a larger root you should prolong the rinsing and draining for a few more days.

7. Yes, those seeds that you observe that do not sprout must separate them from the rest of the seeds to avoid that they all end up rotting.

How to keep them easily?

The shoots are very well preserved in the refrigerator, provided they are well drained and completely dry. Of course, it is advisable to keep up to two weeks at most.

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