How to make homemade chocolate nougat and cereals

There is no doubt that Christmas stands out as an endearing popular festival, which we enjoy precisely in the company of our closest relatives and friends. And they also stand out, on the other hand, for the different Desserts and typical sweets that make these days a truly unforgettable time. And what are the most classic Christmas desserts? Without a doubt, we can mention the turrones, marzipan, polvorones Y dragees.

In the particular case of nougat, like what happens even with the rest of typical sweets, we find it going back a long way. In this sense, it is true that we can distinguish different stories about their origin. For some historians its birth occurred during the reign of Philip IV, when the authorities of Barcelona organized a contest to find a food that did not deteriorate easily. The price was taken by a popular confectioner named Turrons, who presented some wafer species made with almonds and honey.

Although today nougats of very different flavors abound in most supermarkets, it is also possible to find them made in a homemade way in traditional markets, or to make them at home. If you dare, this time we want to explain how to prepare a delicious chocolate nougat and cereal completely home

What do you need? Ingredients

Ingredients for crunchy chocolate base:

  • 100 gr. of milk chocolate Lind't
  • 150 gr. of chocolate cream (Nutella is ideal)
  • 80 gr. of cereals (Corn Flakes type)

Ingredients for the top layer of chocolate:

  • 90 gr. of milk chocolate
  • 90 gr. chocolate without milk
  • 125 ml. of cream (35% M.G.)
  • 45 gr. of butter

Steps to prepare chocolate nougat and cereal:

  1. Cut the 100 grams of chocolate with Lind't milk in pieces and melt it in a water bath. Once melted, mix it with the chocolate cream. Now add the cereals.
  2. Distribute this mixture in a mold of 18 × 18 cm. Then store it in the fridge.
  3. Meanwhile, part into 90 grams of chocolate milk and 90 grams of chocolate without milk in a bowl or bowl.
  4. Put the cream in a saucepan and heat a little until it boils. When it reaches this point pour the cream over the chocolate and stir well to mix.
  5. Cut the butter into cubes and add it to the chocolate saucepan mixed with the cream, stirring well.
  6. Remove the base of the refrigerator and serve the previous mixture on it.
  7. Reserve in the fridge for one night.
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