How to make polenta

The polenta is a food that is obtained from the cooking of corn flour, although it is true that there are also other varieties and types of polenta that are made with wheat flour, with rye flour or barley flour. In fact, already in ancient Greece was common the development of a kind of stew from barley flour, which was the food par excellence for the Roman legions. In this sense, we can distinguish 3 types of polenta: the yellow polenta that is made with corn flour, the white polenta that is made with chestnut flour, and the dark polenta that is made with buckwheat flour.

It is a very nutritious and delicious food. From a nutritional point of view, the polenta contributes complex carbohydrates, so it is an ideal product for people with diabetes because it decomposes slowly in the blood, without producing peaks. It also provides proteins and fiber, as well as vitamins (such as vitamin A, C and vitamins of group B, especially B1, B3 and B9 or folic acid), and minerals. Further, It is ideal for people with celiac disease because it does not contain gluten (Only if it has not been made with wheat flour).

At the time of make polenta, the truth is that we have a very simple and easy recipe, which is not complicated at all. But it is advisable to take into account some basic guidelines that will be very useful during the cooking process.

Recommendations when making polenta

  • The time to add the polenta flour to the water: always must be done when the water or the cooking liquid is already boiling. In addition, it is essential to incorporate it little by little in the form of rain and without stopping to remove. In case of not doing so annoying lumps would form.
  • When adding seasonings: should always be done when the cooking water is boiling, and before adding the polenta flour.

Ingredients to make polenta

  • 4 cups cornmeal for polenta
  • 7 glasses of water
  • Salt

Steps to make polenta

  1. First put the equivalent of 7 glasses of water in a large pot, and bring to a boil.
  2. When the water has reached that point add salt and pour corn flour in the form of rain, stirring at the same time and continuously with the help of a wooden spoon.
  3. Continue stirring constantly until the polenta peels off the edges of the pot. It will be ready when it acquires a creamy texture that does not stick to the pot.
  4. List! You have already done the polenta.

Polenta is ideal, for example, accompanied with vegetables, meat or fish. It is even delicious food alone, simply adding some herbs and spices on top (such as dill or parsley).

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