How to make some sweet potato cakes and Christmas almonds

Christmas is a unique moment to enjoy unforgettable moments, and ultimately enjoy the company of the people we love most around a table full of delicious recipes and also many of the typical sweets that we can find during these days. In fact, the Christmas holidays stand out precisely because of their great culinary richness, especially as regards the most typical desserts and sweets.

They are tremendously popular, for example, the typical nougat, the marzipan, the sugared almonds and the roscón de Reyes that traditionally eats the night and the day of Kings. But depending on the place in Spain where we are we can also enjoy certain typical desserts.

This is what happens, for example, with the classics panellets so characteristic of Catalonia, with the exquisite sweet potato trout so typical of the Canary Islands, or the classics caramel cookies Andalusian

But this time we want to talk to you about the wonderful sweet potato and almond cakes, one of the most classic and typical sweets of the Valencian Community that precisely are made in many Levantine homes during these days. Do you dare to discover them with us and to prepare them at home to surprise your guests? They're delicious!.

Recipe of sweet potato and almond cakes

Ingredients you need:

  • 500 gr. of raw almonds (ground)
  • 125 gr. Of flour
  • 250 gr. of sugar
  • The zest of a lemon
  • 1 egg

Ingredients that you need for the filling:

  • 500 gr. of sweet potato
  • Water (in sufficient quantity to cook the sweet potatoes)
  • 500 gr. of sugar
  • The zest of a lemon

Preparation of sweet potato and almond cakes:

First of all let's proceed to cook the sweet potatoes. To do this, peel them well and cut them into slices, put them in a saucepan and add water until it is above the sweet potatoes. Cook them over medium heat for a while, until they are tender. Finally make a puree with them.

Once the sweet potatoes are cooked and once we have mashed with them, it is time to put on the filling: dissolve the sugar in a little water and add the sweet potato purée. Add the lemon zest and cook over low heat until the puree is creamy, stirring continuously to prevent the sweet potato cream from burning.

In another saucepan boils the 500 gr. Fill the sugar in a little water until it dissolves. Add the ground almonds, flour and more lemon zest to this saucepan. Stir for a few minutes until you get a dough as thin and compact as possible.

Flour the marble of your kitchen a little and when the dough is still hot, form circles with it flat. Fill us with the sweet potato paste and close each of the circles in the shape of a dumpling. Beat the egg well and paint the empanadillas with it. Sprinkle sugar on top and bake at medium heat until you notice that they begin to brown. Ready! ThemesChristmas Christmas Recipes

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