How to make your eyelashes look bigger

Every day when we put on makeup we want to highlight our virtues to the maximum, those traits that make us beautiful and unique. Well, the look is precisely what makes us stand out and gives life to our face. Today we will tell you how to enhance it making your eyes and eyelashes look bigger.

Some pretty basic tricks will allow you to achieve a great makeup so that your eyes and eyelashes look great and irresistible.

Useful tips to get bigger eyes and eyelashes

Good makeup always starts with proper hydration

We must deal with applying a moisturizer in the area of ​​the eyelids and dark circles, always using the fingertips and extending it to the eyebrow.

It is also advisable to apply a cream for dark circles in the area of ​​the bags. A good wetting will allow a better makeup fixation, and will have a perfect finish for more hours.

All ready to start putting on makeup

The first step is to give light to the eye, for this we simply use an illuminator - or in its absence a white pencil or a clear eye shadow - to delineate the line under the eye and the lacrimal.

Then also mark a line just under the eyebrow and blur it by moving the fingers from side to side. This simple trick will not only help you enlarge your eyes, it will also hide the signs of fatigue in your eyes.

Then it's time to apply the shadow

This will bring depth to your eyes and enlarge your eyes. The most suitable color will depend on the tone of your eyes. For example, for those with blue eyes, the shades of browns, pinks, grays and blues are recommended.

For green eyes, the best shades are brown, violet, lilac, orange, and green. For brown eyes, meanwhile, you'll want to opt for gold, brown, copper, green, blue, violet, blue or pink. And if you have black eyes, then the ideal will be to choose in the ranges of gold, white, green, beige, gray, pink, blue or violet.

One of the basic tricks to make your eyes look bigger is smoked

As we recommended the ideal tonalities for each eye color, whichever you choose can be applied to achieve this effect.

Anyway, remember that if the color is darker, you will get a greater sense of depth. Doing it is very simple, you must place the color near the line of the tabs and go blurring it horizontally and from the bottom upwards.

Another essential is the eyeliner or "eyerlines" which is ideal to frame your eyes. For this we paint a line where the eyelashes are born. If you want a high impact makeup, you can also mark a mobile eyelid stripe.

Well now it is the turn of the eyelashes

If we know how to work them well there is no need to resort to false eyelashes and we can achieve a magnificent result. The first thing is to use the eyelash curler to give them the desired shape.

Then, we apply a thin mascara layer moving the brush in a zigzag pattern. To increase the effect you can give a brush of rouge on the eyelashes and again pass the mascara, going up.

To complete the look, remember to shave your eyebrows and give them the ideal shape to frame those beautiful eyes.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Appear Longer | Tips & Tricks (November 2022)