How to mix animal and vegetable proteins

The proteins are essential nutrients essential for our body and our health, which are divided into animal proteins Y vegetable proteins depending on its origin or origin.

Although originally it was thought for a long time that plant proteins, by the mere fact of being of vegetable origin, were healthier and recommended than animals. However, the truth is that contain a greater amount and diversity of essential amino acids, which means that proteins of animal origin are much more nutritious and complete that proteins of vegetable origin, which tend to be more incomplete and also have a lower biological value.

But vegetable proteins are also nutritious, and usually come from low-fat foods, so it is essential to follow a varied diet, based on a balanced diet that combines the consumption of foods that provide animal and plant proteins.

The best combinations of vegetable and animal proteins

A balanced and intelligent diet should be based above all on the consumption of natural and healthy foods, which provide the body with all the different essential nutrients that it needs every day to perform its daily functions.

In the case of proteins, this means that for vegetable proteins to be more complete and provide our body with a greater number of essential amino acids, the key is to combine both vegetable and animal proteins in the same dish.

Here are some ideas to combine the different proteins in the same dish:

  • Veal fillet and cooked vegetables.
  • Pieces of meat and egg pasta.
  • Chicken breast and rice with cooked vegetables.
  • Fat-free sausage and wholemeal bread.
  • Boiled eggs and vegetables.

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The Protein Combining Myth (April 2024)