How to prepare a bottle step by step

If your baby's diet consists of breastfeeding through bottles or have opted for a mixed lactation, we will explain next how you should prepare the bottles in each shot and what considerations you should take into account to carry it out.

Prepare bottles for your newborn is not difficult, it is true that at the beginning you must have some things in mind and you do not need so many gadgets or gadgets to give your baby bottle.

At first you should know what type of bottles you want to use, in a previous article we talked about the importance of choosing the bottle well and the difference of material between one of plastic and glass.

Prepare the bottle step by step

To choose a good bottle is necessary to be practical, appropriate to your age, since each bottle is indicated as the baby grows, easy to clean, glass or plastic that can withstand high temperatures and unbreakable and above all the most smooth possible.

In the first place, the mother or the person who is going to prepare the bottle should wash her hands thoroughly, in order not to transmit infections to the baby. It will be enough with a neutral soap to get well to the nails and between the fingers.

When you go to sterilize baby bottles for the first time or teats do not need to buy a device indicated especially for sterilizing bottles or teats, just put water to boil and leave all the utensils for 5 minutes, after this time put them to drain.

From there after use you can wash them with soap and water normally, you can re-sterilize them from time to time.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to prepare the milk powder, take water and enter the amount needed for each shot, with the meter that comes inside the milk powder take the adequate amount and always balancing the meter with a knife to remove the excess milk.

Mix the water with the powdered milk well inside the bottle and begin to shake carefully the bottle previously covered, heat the bottle in the microwave or in a water bath. It will be essential that we check the milk temperature before giving it to the child, try on the back of the hand or drinking some drops.

After having checked the temperature of the milk we can feed the baby after having carried out these previous steps. Why is not it so difficult?.

The correct sterilization of baby bottles

During the first months of your child's life, it is convenient to clean and better sterilize any child object because your immune system has to get stronger and stronger against external agents.

Why is it convenient to sterilize bottles? Breast milk is essential for the health of your baby, also contains antibodies or defenses that will help you not to get infected with bacteria that will bring nothing but diseases.

However, breastfeeding is made with formula milk that does not contain antibodies and is actually a culture of very little benefit to the baby.

To sterilize baby bottles or children's products there are two processes, through hot or of cold.

As there are materials that do not tolerate high temperatures it is normal that these objects are sterilized through the cold, it is a chemical process and its main problem is that it lasts a long time and leaves a chlorine smell in the products.

As for heat sterilization, it is a physical method that uses water vapor to remove any microorganism from bottles if it is the case. It is the most complete and fastest method in which electrical appliances are used so you can do it at any time when you need it most. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Pediatrician. We advise you to consult your trusted pediatrician. ThemesSupplementary feeding

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